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Why being single on Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Mean It’s The End Of The World

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. You immediately freak because you’re single AF, you rush to the store to load up on Chocolate…to eat by yourself. Dude Chill. So you’re single, so what? Valentine’s Day comes once a year, 24 hours and then its over. And on February 15th everyone goes back to their normal routines. So there is no reason to cry, pout, or be upset about being single for one day. Valentine’s Day is about love, whether its for family, friends, lovers, anyone you love, even yourself. So don’t spend another Valentine’s Day crying about not having a boyfriend, love yourself.   10. Boyfriends/Girlfriends are overrated. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about having someone, it’s about the love you feel for that person, because if you don’t love them then you shouldn’t be with them.   9. Valentine’s Day comes once a year, whether you celebrate or you don’t just remember it will

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10 Relatable Kardashian Moments

The Kardashians are everywhere, and taking over social media. Whether you love them or hate them, they still act just like the rest of us. Here are some of the most relatable moments throughout the years of Keeping up with the Kardashians:   10. When someone thinks they are better than everyone else.  

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8 Dumb Blonde Moments We’ve All Had

8. Running into something while texting or in general just being oblivious to the world when you are on your phone.   7. Not hearing the question someone just asked you.   6. Getting distracted by an attractive guy/girl or their physical “attributes”.   5. Agreeing and talking about something completely different from what the other person said.   4. Losing your keys/phone/hair tie, then freaking out only to realize that it was in your pocket the entire time.   3. When everyone is talking about the latest current event and you have no idea what happened because you were too busy catching up on Game of Thrones.   2. Thinking you maxed out your credit card when you’ve just been swiping the wrong side for 20 minutes.   1. Not being able to function simply because you are just so damn tired.


How 2 Broke Girls Defines True Friendship

2 Broke Girls as the name clearly states is about 2 broke girls working as waitresses and trying to jumpstart their cupcake business. The 2 girls come from very different backgrounds but have been able work together and develop their wonderful friendship. Its so nice to see that no matter what, they have each other’s backs… and since they are completely broke they have literally nothing else but each other. If thats not friendship, I don’t know what is.     10. There’s always that moment when one of the girls has to act like the responsible grown up and remind the other one thats what life is about.   9. Honesty is the best policy, no matter what and without judgement.   8. The friend you need when you are being overdramatic.   7. Money, no money, they are your friend no matter what.   6. The person to be there to make


How 2 Broke Girls Defines True Friendship (2)

5. Again being completely honest with each other, because no one else will be as blunt as your best friend. 4. Someone who gets you a present for any and every occasion even if your friend hates presents. 3. Reality sucks, the world is a cruel place, but at least your best friend will be there to help you get through the rough patches in life. 2. A true best friend is not embarrassed to look ridiculous with you. 1. You help each other out, you both act like idiots, but the point is you do anything and everything together because you love that idiot.