Finals Week Described By Grey’s Anatomy

Finals Week Described By Grey's Anatomy

While we may not be interns or residents in a hospital, we still have to deal with a crazy amount of stress during finals week as an undergraduate. From running around trying to absorb a semester’s worth of information to basically getting no sleep as we study, we find ourselves in a crazed state that even your McDreamy (and maybe even a McSteamy) can’t pull us out of. To us, some of our finals bring heightened stress, so it’s not so hard to relate to these character’s emotions. Here are a few times Grey’s Anatomy totally described the madness that is finals week: To our professors: When we’re just too stressed to function properly: When someone comments on your bad mood:

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We all know it’s coming, especially for my fellow freshman. How are your classes? Are you doing well? Do you know what you want to do for a future job yet? And so on. Here are our best efforts at making it look like we’re doing well, plus what we think when we say them. 10. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life (and I’m pretending I still have plenty of time to figure it out, so I’m trying to forget about it). 9. My classes are difficult, but I try my best to stay on top of the workload (so a lot of Netflix with spurts of having to do all your work at once). 8. I have a good group of friends (that may or may not like me yet, I can’t tell). 7. I try to stay on top of doing laundry

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I’ve been called a perfectionist ever since elementary school, and it has stuck with me throughout my life. Whether it is a group project, dance, or what I’m wearing that day for me it is all or nothing. Perfectionism has its perks, like that wonderful feeling when you have accomplished that task, but there are plenty of times where perfectionism is not needed, and also when you simply don’t have time to make something perfect. When you have four projects and a huge essay at once it’s extremely overwhelming to begin with, and for a perfectionist it’s going to take almost twice the amount of time, which then makes stress even worse. So, though it may be very difficult, you have to except that all of these assignments may not be your best work. Is your GPA going to instantly plummet? Is the world going to end? No! As long

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