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Top 100 Party Schools 2017-2018 – A NEW #1 Has Been Crowned!

The top 100 party schools. It’s the list that every college student can’t wait to see every year going into the new school year. Colleges are ranked and students jump for joy when they see their college on the list. When their school isn’t on the list, it makes that college more determined than ever to have a crazy school year in hopes of getting on the list in the future. Well, we have this years ranking for the top 100 party schools. How did we conduct this research? Well, let’s see. First, we looked into seeing how often the college is in the news for alcohol related arrests, crazy fraternity/house parties, and overall viral content over the last year that relates to partying.  Second, we looked into seeing what a schools track record is for alcohol use. Lastly, we asked students from across the country what they had to

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The 23 Biggest Freshmen Mistakes You’ll Regret Making

Wearing Lanyard / College ID Be careful! You don’t want to wear this around your neck or out of your pocket. It’s truly the equivalent of screaming, “HEY FRESHMEAT HERE!” You don’t work at the genius bar at an Apple store, so tuck away the ID in your handy-dandy wallet! Holding on Tight to High School While you’re proud of where you come from and your previous accomplishments, college is all about starting fresh and finding your future path. Leave the past where it belongs and start focusing on what you want to do with your life and less about the touchdown you made in high school! Forgetting Your Key Some doors will shut and lock automatically! Trust us, it’s embarrassing to be THAT freshmen who has to march down to the main floor in a towel and flip-flops. “Freshmen Clothes” Some of the clothes you wore in high school

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The Top Colleges With The Most Attractive Students For This School Year

It’s that time of year again! The time where students are moving back into college! If for some reason you are unaware, is coming up on its 3 year anniversary! Since our launch in September 2013, our website has had OVER 100 million visits! Last year, our ranking for the colleges with the most attractive students made the news nationwide. We are excited to say that we have a NEW # 1 college that reigns supreme! For our ranking this year, we decided that it was time to determine our ranking based on numerous variables.  We decided to really dig deep to see which college really does actually have the most attractive students. The metrics we used to determine our Top 100 are the following: 1) How attractive their athletic teams are 2) How attractive their cheerleading/dance teams are 3) If they have been recognized nationally in the past for having

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They’re BACK! UofA Gamma Phi Beta Just Released The Most Fire Video We’ve Seen Yet

WE’RE HIRING MORE WRITERS! [email protected] now to join our team of 1,000+ writers from across the country! Remember, do yourself a favor and FOLLOW us on Instagram and Twitter —-> @UPrimetime for more exclusive college content NOW! Gamma Phi Beta at the University of Arizona never fails to amaze us, and their 2017 recruitment video has us in awe. From their amazing sisterhood, to being drop dead gorgeous, to always having each other’s backs, these girls are the real deal. Do yourself a favor and check out the amazing video below. Major props to Gamma Phi Beta for having an extremely well done video. You girls killed it and we are looking forward to seeing what else your chapter has in store! UofA is doing a great job of showing why their college is EPIC for Greek Life!  Before you check out their amazing video below, Make sure to FOLLOW @UPrimetime

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ASU Girl Gets ‘unsolicited’ Pictures Sent To Her, Finds Their Mothers, And THEN OMG

Arizona State University. You can say that this college tends to be in the news a lot. Well, this news that just came out is pretty crazy. We’re not even going to explain any further as we will let the video below explain. Guys, don’t send pics to girls, or this will happen!