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Beat the score on this raver’s new game, and you’ll win EDC tickets

Everyone loves raves, I mean – there’s something enchanting about loud beats, drugs and girls wearing high socks and underwear. Some of us, however, love raves more than the average festival goer. Meet Jax – he is the MVP of EDM and dedicates his lifestyle to traveling the world and attending different raves. On one of his travels to Belgium, he had a bad trip at Tomorrowland and for 9 hours he was stuck in a video game of his own fantasy land. He endlessly ran through different festivals as he jumped over obstacles and had to beat the clock to stay hydrated. When Jax finally woke up he was confused as fuck – was he real or still a video game character? He told his friends about his trip and they thought it was hilarious and wanted to recreate the game in real life. So, he developed Rave Run. It’s an infinite runner that takes you through mainstream festivals like Coachella, Ultra and EDC. He even created a bonus level that’s a spin-off of his wild trip. Travel through the stage sets, but watch out for the smoke jets, stereo speakers, and mushrooms that pop up in your way. Send your highest score to [email protected] and we’ll give one lucky ass winner 2018 VIP tickets to EDC to party with Jax.

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