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12 Little Things Your Boyfriend Does That Mean The World (2)

6. Gives you those random little compliments that go a long way Sometimes a girl just wants to be told she is beautiful whether she feels like a wreck or looks like a star; Sometimes she wants to know that he is proud of her. Once again, it is the little things. 5. Never fails to put a smile on your face Whether it is that cute nose twitch that he does sometimes or his hilarious jokes, he wants to make you smile. 4. He is open about his feelings for you He is not afraid to tell you what you mean to him and that he really likes you. 3. Those deep, meaningful conversations You can talk about anything from boundaries to fears to your feelings for each other. 2. He genuinely cares and worries about you He never wants to see you not feeling well, stressed, or unhappy. And,

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14 Reasons You’re Thankful for Your Friends As Told By the TV Show Friends

14) They give you amazing advice like Joey: 13) They support you no matter what you look like or what you think of yourself: 12) You always have someone to dance awkwardly with at parties: 11) They aren’t afraid to call you out and question your life decisions. More often than not, it’s helpful: 10) They’re not afraid to be honest when you ask them what they think of your outfit: 9) They always want what’s best for you: 8) They make horrible jokes but thankfully, you’re allowed to hit them for it because they’re your friends:

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Ten Things That Make Your Best Friend Your Best Friend

As you pulled up this article, I know that you were thinking about somebody. No, I am not a psychic, nor can I read your mind because honestly, I probably do not know who you are. But, somehow I know your BFF came to mind. I am not sure where you met your best friend, but I am sure you have a fabulous and one-of-a-kind story that you love to tell. Maybe this person has been with you since you were in toddlers, or maybe you met them in your 10 AM MWF Bio lecture. The bottom line is no matter how you two became friends, your bond stands out from the rest of your friendships. 10. Your boyfriend probably thinks you two are a “thing” And you guys just laugh about it because you find this so hilarious. Sure, you both are very close with each other (maybe a little


15 Things Every Basic White Girl Needs this Fall

As much as we may hate to admit it, we all have a little basic white girl in us! This fall is the perfect time to give into your guilty pleasures and let your basic white girl show. Here are fifteen things you will need this fall: 15. Selfie Stick As much as you may not want to admit it, these really do come in handy sometimes! 14. UGG Boots You will see every basic white girl rocking these this fall! 13. High-Waisted Pants Not only are the super cute, they also suck everything in and make a girl feel sexy! 12. Crop Top Crop tops in the fall? Absolutely, do you, boo boo. 11. Over-sized Sweater The bigger and softer the better.