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Valentine’s Day in College When You’re Single as Told by ‘Friends’

Valentine’s Day in college. For many of us it’s an absolute joke. We’re single as can be, hooking up with other people, and have no reason to celebrate the holiday. Since you’re probably single as can be if you’re reading this, here are the struggles we all go through being single on Valentine’s Day in College. 19. When all of your taken friends give you that sad look       18. …And then you start to think that maybe there’s a reason why you’re still single…       17. …And then realize that there definitely is.       16. But at the end of the day, why loathe in self-pity when being single in college is honestly, like, so fun  

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The Instagram Page GirlsOnCampus Is Featuring THE Hottest College Girls EVER

Instagram. We live on it daily. We follow accounts, we comment and tag friends in posts, and we scroll through endlessly through our feed all the time. Well, this Instagram account cause our eye. They feature THE hottest college babes nationwide, LITERALLY. The account is called GirlsOnCampus. We highly recommend you follow the account. With 220,000 thousand followers and growing, I think by now people are starting to realize how epic their feed really is. Take a look below at some of their recent posts. WARNING: You might need a fire extinguisher for how hot these girls are. Check out the photos below and Follow @GirlsOnCampus on Instagram if you like seeing hot college babes all the time.   If a goddess did exist, it would hands down be @alexxswift 😍 #getfit #fit #fitness #girl #model #motivation #body #aesthetic #naturalbodybuilding #active #fitnes #fitstagram #picoftheday #fitnesswomen #fitnessgirls #fitnessinspiration #workworkwork #aestethic #bestoftheday

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Why being single on Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Mean It’s The End Of The World

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. You immediately freak because you’re single AF, you rush to the store to load up on Chocolate…to eat by yourself. Dude Chill. So you’re single, so what? Valentine’s Day comes once a year, 24 hours and then its over. And on February 15th everyone goes back to their normal routines. So there is no reason to cry, pout, or be upset about being single for one day. Valentine’s Day is about love, whether its for family, friends, lovers, anyone you love, even yourself. So don’t spend another Valentine’s Day crying about not having a boyfriend, love yourself.   10. Boyfriends/Girlfriends are overrated. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about having someone, it’s about the love you feel for that person, because if you don’t love them then you shouldn’t be with them.   9. Valentine’s Day comes once a year, whether you celebrate or you don’t just remember it will

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Sorority Rush as Told by Disney Princesses

If you’re in greek life, you know by now that spring rush season is nearly over, and gone with it is the excitement and anxiety leading up to recruitment. You spent month picking out the perfect outfits to match each theme, and decorations for rush events, hours were spent doing hair, applying and reapplying makeup. And who can forget the anxiety that your VP of recruitment and rush committee were under picking out the perfect cupcakes to match each theme of rush week, which of course went completely untouched by the nervous PNMs. Recruitment is completely hectic and stressful, to say it wasn’t for your chapter and that every year rush is a breeze that goes completely perfectly, would be a lie. But, somehow every year your sorority comes together as a sisterhood and manages to pull it off and gain some pretty cool new members in the process. Teamwork


The Worst Outfits College Girls Can Wear During A Walk Of Shame

The difference between going-out clothes and daylight outfits is quite significant, and you know how I know this? Because it is incredibly easy to point out a person who is making the walk of shame after a night of partying. First things first, there is nothing to be ashamed about when doing a walk of shame. It really should be called a stride of pride, in my opinion, because it means you got some action, you aren’t hiding it from the world and you do not care what other people think of you. However, there are some times where it is just too comical to watch people do the walk of shame after a themed party of sorts. So before you go all out for your luau party this weekend, keep in mind that these are the worst outfits to wear if you are planning to get “leid” at the