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A Letter To The People Who Use Cigarettes

To those with a cigarette in your hand, I am not writing this letter to offend you because that is not my goal one bit. All I want to do is state my opinion. This is coming from a person who coughs every time that she smells the tiniest whiff of smoke — the person who will probably never smoke one cigarette in her life. However, I write this letter because I just wonder, why would you want to destroy your body? Why would you want to put yourself at risk for cancer? Why would you want to have yellow teeth and bad breath? Why would you want to not be able to breathe and have miscellaneous problems with your body that can easily be prevented by not smoking that darn cigarette? Why would you want to put your child at risk with second hand smoke? Why would you want

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Thanksgiving or Thanks, I’ll Take That 50-Inch Flat Screen TV?

November 26, 2015. Thanksgiving Day. What are you thankful for? Are you thankful for the day off from college? The home-cooked food? Or, are you thankful for the ridiculous good deals that the day after Thanksgiving guarantees? Families all over the country just devoured a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by their families. As we know it, Thanksgiving is a day where we show that we are thankful for what we have; however, the true meaning of Thanksgiving has been chewed up and spit out by the new era of consumerism known as Black Friday. Now, families leave the grace of their Thanksgiving table and run to the mall and wait for the most important things in the universe that apparently nobody can live without these days: clothes, technology, electronics, etc. At one time in life, people engrossed and paid attention to their surroundings and enjoyed the simplicity of the holiday; now, we trample


Thanksgiving or Thanks, I’ll Take That 50-Inch Flat Screen TV? (2)

  Ultimately, Thanksgiving has been an excuse for stores to make loads of money and for consumers to spend loads of cash on all different kinds of gadgets.  The transition from Thanksgiving dinner to Black Friday is not only nonexistent, but it is horrendous and disgraceful. Americans all over the country race into the mall and shove people out of the way because G-d forbid somebody gets to the last flat screen tv before them. I think the  definition of thankful has taken a turn for the worst. No longer are we thankful for the value of life, but we are thankful for the fact that we can go out on Thanksgiving night and buy a new futon for our dorm for 75% off! No longer do we look forward to using this day of the year to solely cherish the time with our families, but to contemplate how we are going to navigate through all