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How I Organized My Messy Life

2,139. That’s the number of photos, videos, and screenshots I have sitting in my phone’s photo library. And not to brag or anything, but there’s some good stuff in there. I’d say I’m somewhat of an amateur photographer, specializing in embarrassing selfies, try-hard landscape photos, and god-awful video. Sometimes I find myself searching for a funny photo or video, but between the time I bring it up and actually pull up the photo, it get’s awkward. I mean honestly, if you haven’t lost someone’s attention while looking for a photo, you aren’t taking enough photos. Some might say, “just delete them!” but those people are wrong. That’s 2,139 memories, gone. But the disorganization is a lot to handle. That’s why I downloaded Picjoy. Picjoy automatically organizes photo and video to make it easier to find, and easier to remember. So instead of spending an awkward amount of time searching for