Finals Week Described By Grey’s Anatomy

Finals Week Described By Grey's Anatomy When endless studying meets high stress levels, you know it's finals week. Here are a few times the cast of Grey's Anatomy understood our academic feels.

While we may not be interns or residents in a hospital, we still have to deal with a crazy amount of stress during finals week as an undergraduate. From running around trying to absorb a semester’s worth of information to basically getting no sleep as we study, we find ourselves in a crazed state that even your McDreamy (and maybe even a McSteamy) can’t pull us out of. To us, some of our finals bring heightened stress, so it’s not so hard to relate to these character’s emotions.

Here are a few times Grey’s Anatomy totally described the madness that is finals week:

To our professors:

When we’re just too stressed to function properly:

When someone comments on your bad mood:

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