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FSU Pike Hands Down Threw The Party of The Year

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FSU. We’ve featured this college often on our website lately. Most recently it was FSU Delta Gamma who broke the internet with their new video that you can see HERE. FSU Pi Beta Phi also had an epic video that you can see HERE . But most important, you can’t forget about our article we did recently on the struggles of an FSU tailgate that you can see HERE.

Now, we save the best for last, and that’s FSU Pike. This fraternity is the real deal. Total bros who pull any girl they want. These guys throw epic parties, These guys live in the most dope fraternity house in the entire country. We heard all the hype, but we never really believed it. You know how the saying goes. You have to see it to believe it, and that’s EXACTLY what this video does. We are now believers. Check out the epic video below of this EPIC FSU Pike party


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