This New Dating App Just Became The New Big College Student Craze

So you’re a college student who has a date party or formal coming up but no one to take? Join the club. There are more students in search of dates, then there are Natty lights at a football tailgate. I know what you’re thinking, you go out Wednesday through Saturday searching for potential prospects, and nothing. There has to be something you can do besides drinking till you have the courage to walk up to the opposite sex, just to start an awkwardly forced conversation. Well you’re in luck, I’m here to tell you there is a better way. Available in the App Store today. You can download spree here at this link below.

It’s called Spree, and it’s the next big thing coming to the dating world. It’s an app that allows you to talk to real people in real time. That’s right, no more mindless swiping or fake profiles. Spree takes the thrilling elements of speed dating and creates a platform that allows college students to have live conversations with potential dates.  Spree will put all your other dating apps to shame, so say goodbye to swiping and hello to your potential future. Spree gives you 90 seconds of live chatting before you make your ultimate decision to “See ya never” or continue getting to know one another. Spree eliminates the usual awkwardness that comes with dating apps by opening up the opportunity to get to know the person before you match. It’s like eating your dessert first, and who wouldn’t want that.

So whether you’re on a shopping spree or a cleaning spree, first things first, download Spree. Available in the App Store today. You can download spree here at this link below.

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