50+ College Students Get Disease At ASU Party. How They Did Will Shock You.

College Parties. They are usually so much fun. However, for over 50 college students at a party at ASU this past weekend, there is a ton of drama going around. A student that wishes to remain anonymous from ASU contacted us to explain the situation that happened due to their roommate being one of the 50+ victims. It all happened on Tuesday Night  when there was a house party at Arizona State University. Everyone knows what a Keg Stand is I would assume. Well, in one simple crazy night of partying, approximately 68 students had to go to health services the next morning due to pain in their lips, and unusual bumps on their lips. It all happened because they all did a Keg Stand from the same Keg. You know what this means? I sure do. This probably means the first person or at least someone who did a


Life In Color Miami Festival National DJ Competition

So you want to be a DJ? Well Life In Color has set up the ultimate competition that will give you your shot! December 26-27 Life In Color host it’s 2nd annual 2 day festival with a monster line up. Winner of the Life In Color Festival DJ Contest shall receive a $500 flight voucher, 1 night stay in hotel, meet and greet with Borgore, and a 30 minute in front of the craziest crowd you’ll ever see. Dj’s Enter Your Best Mix HERE


What Is A Real Man?

Written By: Ashley Pariseau By now, most of us know that women feel a pretty intense pressure to look and be a certain way in order to be accepted and appreciated in our culture. I have talked a bit about this in some of my posts of the past, but I want to point out for a minute that women are not alone. There is a set of  social standards that are pushed on to men as well and I want to talk about one in particular.   Every so often I will read an article somewhere or even hear a comment from someone in daily life when someone refers to the term, “real man.” It is commonly used by both men and women when they want to encourage a certain  ideal of how a man should conduct himself based on what their personal beliefs are. You have heard the

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Top 100 Fraternities in the Country Picked By Our Readers

I am going to be completely real with you all. This is by far my favorite article to write every semester and it is currently the third semester that we have done this. Here is just a background on how this goes. Half-way through the school semester we throw up the question, “Who do you think is the ultimate Greek Fraternity?” The responses I get are by far the funniest. They range anywhere from “It’s TKE you idiot” to “All the girls want the D of an AKL man”.  In the past year we have had over 50 million views on our website and have had about 6 thousand submissions for this poll. The results we have below are chosen by colleges students for college students. Please remember that in the end, all of these Greek fraternities do great things for the community and are not just about partying. These

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Girl Fighter Has Ear Fall Off During Fight, Refuses To Quit

There is really nothing to say but to watch the video below. Remember, FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM–> HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgn9GM5gDcg