The Secret On How To Successfully Beat A Red-Light Camera Ticket

Last year I received a letter in the mail from the Washington D.C DMV claiming I was speeding. As you can see it was one of those Photo-Enforced Speeding Tickets and they had multiple pictures of my CAR. I knew better to just submit and pay a fine like the majority of people do in this country, unfortunately. I am in the habit of not taking “plea deals”, and I am always in the habit of fighting my tickets and NOT pre-paying them so I don’t have to go to court – like many folks do. I just about always record my interactions with the police, whether it’s a traffic stop or not, that way it keeps the entire situation objective, transparent and I can hold the public servant accountable if he/ she violates my rights. So I got this letter in the mail:   Front: Back: IMG_0003.pdf    


The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Explained By Science

Image Credit: Tessa Arias/Handle the Heat There’s also an illuminating TEDEd animation on cookie science. And if you really want to go nuts (or no nuts, your call), Serious Eats offers 21 painstakingly tested steps for the “Perfect Cookie,” including kneading times and chocolate prep techniques.   “Even though I can describe what I like,” says Nyberg, “I didn’t know the role of each ingredient in the texture and shape of cookies.” So she looked into it — as only a scientist can.   Here, relying on the experts’ help and the classic Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, OZY presents no-fail tips for baking your perfect cookie. (You’re welcome.)   Ooey-gooey: Add 2 cups more flour. A nice tan: Set the oven higher than 350 degrees Fahrenheit (maybe 360). Caramelization, which gives cookies their nice brown tops, occurs above 356 degrees, says the TEDEd video. Crispy with a soft center:



Written By: Lexi Herrick 1. He see’s you in true form. There’s right before bed, zit cream and all. There’s drunk you with eye liner smeared on your face and nacho cheese in your hair. There are a lot of you’s he has endured. It’s actually laughable how bad you have looked around him and how little you care. 2. You’ve become so comfortable with each other that embarrassment is no longer a factor. 3. You have each other’s outfit ensembles nearly memorized. “I’m wearing the maroon shirt” “With the tan shorts and brown watch?” “Yup.” 4. You have had moments where you both felt like you couldn’t stand anyone else but each other for the moment. 5. Your families are way too comfortable around you both at this point and absolutely nothing gets held back. 6. You become obsessed with certain restaurants and foods for different periods of time.


50 Things To Do During Class

Nothing is worse than boring lectures. Even though trying to learn something in class is a good idea, sometimes you’re just not mentally there. Here are 50 things to do in class when you’re trying to get that attendance grade, but don’t want to be there.   50. Online shopping 49. Take a nap 48. Paint your nails 47. Play telephone 46. Talk in an accent 45. Rate the kids in class 44. Play paper football 43.Watch netflix 42. Make paper airplanes 41. Bring a meal to class to eat 40. Fake an illness 39. Take bathroom breaks 38. Do a puzzle 37. Take notes 36. Pass notes to classmates 35. Check emails 34. Get the professor off topic 33. Listen to music 32. Surf the web 31. Talk in a different language 30. Text 29. Go on Tumblr 28. Go on Twitter 27. File nails 26. Daydream 25. Make


Why Women Love Men Who Lift

1. Booty Men aren’t the only people who love a little round, taut, booty action. Women are well aware that a sign of a man who squats is a man with a little bubble butt in the back. It’s simply beautiful. 2. Adonis Otherwise known as Man Lines. Otherwise known as blah-blah-blah-YES!   3. The Way Clothes Fit Them Like hidden mounds of yummy goodness 4. Chiseled Abs AND a Thick Core Believe it or not, you don’t have to cut to have our attention. You just got to be strong 5. He Appreciates Your Dedication to the Gym Mostly because he’s right there with you… 6. He Tries to be Healthy Too You both know clean eating is better when you’re both doing it. 7. Subtle Veins Just something about those…are just so…mmmm 8. Because a Fit 220lb Sounds Yummy No seriously, it honestly sounds yummy. 9. They’re Formidable