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61 Thoughts While Riding The Train

Most people have taken the train whether it’s coming home from college or visiting a friend/place. This means that most people have also experienced the people of the train, which can be pretty entertaining.   1. I have a love hate relationship with riding the train alone 2. I hope there’s an open seat 3. Omg yes, what a stroke of luck! 4. I hope this guy doesn’t sit next to me 5. Please don’t sit next to me 6. Please don’t… Ugh ok never mind 7. I hope he doesn’t try to talk to me 8. Well… I spoke too soon 9. Yeah the weathers good, train rides suck, blah blah blah 10. I really hate small talk 11. Why does it have to be a thing??? 12. And why am I so awkward? 13. I just want to listen to music and sleep 14. Maybe if I just


Man Divorces Wife Over Her Desire To Always Want Sex

First off, this is probably one the craziest things i’ve ever heard. What man would want to divorce his wife because she constantly wants sex? Don’t get me wrong, but last time I checked, sex was actually healthy for your heart. Also, who doesn’t love sex? Can you blame this woman for always wanting to have some pleasure? Here is the story according to The Times Of India: The man, in his petition told the court that she was showing an “excessive and insatiable desire for sex” and harassed him since their marriage in April 2012.He also alleged that she administered him medicines and also forced him to consume liquor.The husband alleged that she used to force him into having unnatural sex and whenever he tried to resist it, she would abuse him following which he had to succumb to her pressure and persistent demands.He told the court that he worked


Man Writes Poem About His Small Penis. This May Be The Most You’ll Ever Laugh.

WAIT.… If you don’t know what www.universityprimetime.com is by now, get your head straight, SERIOUSLY. It’s kind of the hottest col­lege web­site in the world right now, so give us a LIKE on Face­book —> HERE and give us a FOLLOW on Twitter/Instagram–> @UPrimetime. You won’t regret it. We have some awe­some give­aways in the near future!  Ant Smith is a 47-year-old engineering manager from London and he’s got a small penis. Smith is so comfortable with his little willy — which measures around an inch when flaccid and four inches at max potential — he wrote a poem about it.  Enjoy. H/T to Brobible.com for this awesome article. Here’s the poem: I have a tiny cock Like a crooked little finger Everybody else’s dick Is inevitably bigger If six inch as an average Can truly be believed Someone here in this room Is twice the size of me If you can do your algebra Already you will know Four inches is the maximum My


A Tribute to Joan Rivers: The Queen of Comedy

If you haven’t heard the news today, the comic legend, Joan Rivers, passed away today at Mt. Sinai Hospital at the age of 81.  Last Thursday, Rivers was scheduled for a minor vocal procedure in an outpatient clinic where she went into cardiac arrest.  She was put on life support on Tuesday but then was moved out of the intensive care unit on Wednesday where she was “resting comfortably.”  After being on life support for several days, Joan’s daughter Melissa broke the news about the unfortunate passing of her mother with this moving quote. “My mother’s greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. Although that is difficult to do right now, I know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon.”   Joan was the definition of “living life to the fullest” and a TRUE go-getter! You probably know her from the well-known E! fashion


Professor Shoots Himself In Foot During Idaho State Lecture

The students at Idaho State University had an entertaining class on Tuesday when their chemistry professor accidentally shot himself in the foot. YES, this actually happened. Here is what went down: Police spokesperson Lieutenant McCoy said that a professor with an enhanced concealed carry permit had accidentally discharged his weapon and was injured, although the injury was not believed to be life-threatening. The Idaho State Journal said that the professor was teaching a chemistry class, when he got shot in the foot. Pocatello Police Lieutenant Paul Manning said that the instructor was carrying a pistol in his pocket that went off unexpectedly. The injured man was taken to Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello. ISU president Arthur Vailas called the accident “unfortunate.” “I’m sure the incident was scary and embarrassing,” he told the State Journal. McCoy said the results of the investigation are pending, but the professor — who police declined