Southern Illinois University Throws First Banger of the Year. This Footage Shows It Was Epic.

The parties have officially begun. WAIT.… If you don’t know what www.universityprimetime.com is by now, get your head straight, SERIOUSLY. It’s kind of the hottest col­lege web­site in the world right now, so give us a LIKE on Face­book —> HERE and give us a FOLLOW on Twitter/Instagram–> @UPrimetime. You won’t regret it. We have some awe­some give­aways in the near future!  Check out these pictures/videos from a party at Southern Illinois University. The #SolarBear is all over twitter for this crazy party that started the Fall Semester off right. Here are some of the best pictures and videos we’ve found. Let the rage begin! The cops clearly gave zero fucks about this party happening, which makes it even greater.    

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50 Safest Colleges in America 2014-2015 Rankings

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when UniversityPrimetime.com does their college rankings. If you didn’t hear, we recently were featured on NBC for our Top 50 Colleges With The Most Attractive Females Ranking that you can watch HERE . We also have ranked the Top 50 Colleges With The Most Attractive Males and The Best Tailgating Colleges . Now, it’s time to rank the 50 Safest Colleges in America. To calculate this ranking, we researched the safety of colleges through how many on and off campus arrests there have been in recent years, if there have been any student deaths at the university, and overall any digging we could do to really see which college really is the safest. The statistics account for nine types of criminal incidents, which we weighted based on a subjective judgment of violence, asserting that an incident of murder represents a higher level of intrinsic threat

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Best College Towns in America 2014-2015 Rankings

It’s that time of year! With the 2014–2015 School Year about to begin, we over at UniversityPrimetime.com have been doing our lat­est Col­lege Rank­ings to pre­pare for the school year. For this list, we decided to Rank the Top 20 Best Col­lege Towns in America. What we considered: Liv­abil­ity Student-to-resident ratio Cul­tural Offerings School Pres­ence   [panel style=”panel-default” title=”20. Fayetteville, AR” footer=””][/panel] [panel style=”panel-default” title=”19. Bloom­ing­ton, IL” footer=””][/panel] [panel style=”panel-default” title=”18. Oxford, MS” footer=””][/panel] [panel style=”panel-default” title=”17. Lafayette, IN” footer=””] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-default” title=”16. Iowa City, IA” footer=””] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-default” title=”15. Syra­cuse, NY” footer=””] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-default” title=”14. Colum­bia, MO” footer=””] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-default” title=”13. Lin­coln, NE” footer=””] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-default” title=”12. Amherst, MA” footer=””] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-default” title=”11. Min­neapo­lis, MN” footer=””] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-default” title=”10. Tal­la­has­see, FL” footer=””][/panel] [panel style=”panel-default” title=”9. Col­lege Sta­tion, TX” footer=””] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-default” title=”8. State Col­lege, PA” footer=””][/panel] [panel style=”panel-default” title=”7. Mor­gan­town, WV”


College Student Comes Out Of Closet, And You Will Never Guess How He Did It.

  Also Read 20 THINGS TO ACCEPT ABOUT YOUR 20’s Trevor Monaghan was an intelligent and beautiful person. Growing up even when he was little he loved helping people. He belonged to his local church, and really always wanted to help. “Mommy how come that guy is on the street with no clothes? He needs help!” Trevor was also really into sports, he played soccer and baseball and he loved every minute of it. He even had many friends and was very social. He did everything together with his best friend Matt, but there was one problem, Trevor didn’t know he had another side to himself, a side nothing to be ashamed of. At the age of 9, Trevor began showing signs of new interest. He still loved baseball and soccer, but he found something he really loved.. dancing. He slowly stopped hanging out with his friends, even Matthew. Trevor was confused and really didn’t understand