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7 item Checklist to “Make Finals Suck Less”

1. Plan this shit out The real anxiety sets in when you sit down and realize you don’t even know where tha fuq to begin. Do I write that 10 page paper? Or start reading the book I was supposed to have been reading all year? Is it too late to drop a class??   At least a week prior sit yourself down and plan out what you need, when you need it, and how you can achieve it. That way, when the week of hell comes, you’ll be in Hercules mode where your only Achilles’ heel is Starbucks forgetting to put that extra shot in your latte. 2. Take a REAL study break If there’s anything we’ve learned from Ross it’s that a break means a break. None of this checking-out-what-your-friends-are-up-to breaks. You don’t need the added stress of viewing the dayger you’re missing out on because you still don’t

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The Wildest Suites Where College Students Vacation

Need any ideas for the best places to stay with your friends over the summer? Check out our list of the top 10 suites to stay in.   10. Suites at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza, Spain With a 4.5 star rating and parties on the pool deck all day and all night, this place is non stop fun.  9. W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida  Relax during the day with ocean front views from your suite and party hard at night. People are known to throw the best all nighter parties here. 8. Gansevoort Park Avenue in New York City suites Wether it’s a party on the rooftop bar or a party in your suite with your own private balcony, this suite will not disappoint.    7. A suite at The Villa Casa Casuarina in Miami Beach, Florida This place will have you singing “Versace Versace Versace Versace”

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Why Dating Apps Suck More Than Being Single

Dating Apps have taken over the dating game to the point where most of us don’t even know how to converse with a person without half an inch of screen between us Apps like Tinder have removed the inconvenience of scouring the land for a mate, but have some cons, one of which irks people the most: waiting. With all the technology we have at our fingertips, we have become accustomed to instant gratification when it comes to receiving data or looking up facts. However, with online dating, there seems to be an unlimited amount of time spent responding to an individual. You swipe right on some guy, and then what? You wait for him to message you something like, “hey”. What am I supposed to do with that? There is no immediacy to my response because you had all the time in the world to message me, and the

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The Vanderbilt Football Team makes a sorority recruitment parody video for the ages

The Vanderbilt Football Team makes a sorority recruitment parody video for the ages. I literally can’t stop laughing. Everything about this video is on point of what a sorority recruitment video ACTUALLY looks like. Before you check out the hilarious video below, do yourself a favor and FOLLOW US on INSTAGRAM –> @UPrimetime. Check out the hilarious video from the Vanderbilt football team below.

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University of Delaware Alpha Delta Pi Had An Amazing Bid Day

WE’RE HIRING MORE WRITERS! [email protected] now to join our team of 1,000+ writers from across the country! Remember, do yourself a favor and FOLLOW us on Instagram and Twitter —-> @UPrimetime for more exclusive college content NOW!  University of Delaware Alpha Delta Pi just dropped one amazing new video. Alpha Delta Pi at University of Delaware is a chapter that deserves some recognition for all they do in the community. Their bid day video is phenomenal and shows how great their sisterhood really is.  Every sister is unique and they all create an amazing sisterhood. Before you check out their amazing new video below, Make sure to FOLLOW @SororityVideos on Instagram for more amazing recruitment videos now!!!! It’s the best Instagram account for sororities out there! Follow @SororityVideos on Instagram now! Check out the new video from University of Delaware Alpha Delta Pi below! Major shout out to their chapter for