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Spring Semester as Told by “The Jersey Shore”

Spring semester can be the worst of times- finals, trying to bring that GPA up, braving the long cold winter months that are January and February. It can also be the best of times- spring break trips, greek week, and for those about to graduate, senior week, Valentine’s Day (V Day could also be a pretty bad time depending on your current relationship status…)

What other show accurately depicted both the best of times and the worst of times, along with a whole lot of heavy drinking, more than “The Jersey Shore”? Lets see if our favorite characters from the shore can guide us on how to make it through these next four months…

20. Drunkenly looking around at your friends on the first night out after Winter Break like…



19. …And then realizing you actually have to go to class and sitting in your 3 hour lecture thinking:



18. Looking at your loaded course schedule and syllabuses and thinking you’ll never make it through the semester



17. And then getting assigned your first group project of the semester and of course everyone in your group wants to meet up on the weekend



16. ¬†That feeling when your realize you’re the only single roommate on Valentine’s Day



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