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Valentine’s Day in College When You’re Single as Told by ‘Friends’

Valentine’s Day in college. For many of us it’s an absolute joke. We’re single as can be, hooking up with other people, and have no reason to celebrate the holiday. Since you’re probably single as can be if you’re reading this, here are the struggles we all go through being single on Valentine’s Day in College. 19. When all of your taken friends give you that sad look       18. …And then you start to think that maybe there’s a reason why you’re still single…       17. …And then realize that there definitely is.       16. But at the end of the day, why loathe in self-pity when being single in college is honestly, like, so fun  

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College Students Reveal Their Wild New Years Resolutions

Almost two weeks into the New Year and many of us are already breaking the resolutions we made to ourselves, I myself am guilty of already breaking my resolution of no more chocolate and wine after work (yes I am currently drinking a glass). However, there are a lot of students, and people in general, out there who genuinely want to keep to their resolutions and really better themselves and inspire others in the upcoming year. We compiled a list of the most genuine, inspiring resolutions that we heard going into the new year.   21. “Practice Gratitude Daily”       20. “Listen More”     19. “Take Bigger Risks”         18. “Less Planning, More Doing”     17. “Ring out the False, Ring in the True”     16. “Do More Yoga”    

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College Students Reveal Their CRAZIEST Drunk Party Moments

We’ve all had those mornings when we’ve woken up and been too drunk to remember what happened the night before, yikes. Below people share some of the funniest, craziest, and just downright strange things drunk people have done or said in their presence… 15.”Had to convince my friend not to jump in the pool because he thought “This water is 2016 water, I gotta jump before it becomes 2017 water!” It wasn’t even a pool party.”   14.  “My girlfriend started puking, and between outbursts says ‘At least this is all good wine, it doesn’t taste so bad coming up!’” 13. “We had a bunch of friends over at our house last night for the new year’s celebration. It was starting to wind down and a group of them were having trouble finding a cab home. So one of them passes out on the couch because the wait had been

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25 Things Lynn University Students Experience During Finals Week

It’s finals week. People think that SoFlo college kids can just study by the pool, but finals week isn’t as much of a vacation as the rest of the year. Here are some things that us Lynn kids experience during finals week (and some funny gifs to relieve some stress). 25. Dialogues and all of their course requirements being the EXACT SAME FOR THREE CLASSES. 24. Having a super-innovative final project to present from your iPad. 23. Trying to upload your project and having LiveText say, “No, you still can’t upload this even though you’ve compressed it and reformatted it 50 times.” 22. The wifi being down. 21. The anxiety attack when you see empty assignments on LiveText that you’ve never even heard of.


17 Of the Best Moments on “That 70’s Show”

“That 70’s Show,” one of my favorite sitcoms alongside “Friends” and “How I Met Your Mother,”  centers around a group of six friends who live in the fictional town of Point Place, Wisconsin during the 1970s. Best known for their almost-accurate portrayal of the 1970s and their ability to execute an insult (most commonly referred to in the show as a “burn”), “That 70’s Show” is definitely memorable for their quotes which is why I decided to write 17 of the show’s best moments. 17) When Kitty has had enough of her mother-in-law.  16) When Hyde stomped on your dreams.  15) When Fez set the record straight.  14) When Donna knocked some sense into Kelso.