Here’s the situation: You go to a party, ready to have a good time, wait half the day queueing for a drink, and then realize the bar’s prices are so unreasonable, you might as well pay an arm and a leg. What do you do now? You can’t possible survive an entire evening of partying sober, it’s inhumane. Well, Eleanor has the perfect life hack for you!

“Still don't know how I got away with a huge hip flask as my prom clutch,” Eleanor the Wise tells us on Twitter. The tweet quickly gained hundreds of thousands of likes, people everywhere amazed. Eleanor suddenly became the unofficial goddess of creativity, bringing to light a complete game-changer to the world of parties.

Yeah, see that prom clutch Eleanor’s holding in the middle? That right there is a three-liter flask, enough to hold three bottles of vodka. With this ingenious life hack, you can walk into a party prepared and buzzed, and you won’t have to spend your entire student savings doing it. Eleanor has a lot to teach us mere mortals.

Eleanor’s heavenly idea doesn’t just save you a ton of money, either. You’ll be the hero of the party for all your friends. Three liters is more than enough to pass around. Your friends will get on their knees and declare you the greatest of all time as you fill their veins with that good numbing sensation we all know and love.

It takes a special kind of goddess to come up with this groundbreaking hack. People on twitter everywhere fell to their knees in praise. “Doing the lords work with this kinda info,” @tom_byrn_ says on Twitter, replying to Eleanor’s idea. Tom wasn’t the only one impressed.

Keep reading to find out what other people were saying about this game-changing life hack

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Look guys, we gotta talk about this chicken nugget thing. I love chicken nuggets as much as anyone else, and if you ask anyone else they'll tell you that they love chicken nuggets a lot. If I'm hungry, a bit strapped for cash maybe, you know I'll be pulling into Burger King and scooping up 10 nuggets for $1.50. If I'm trying to live lavish, I'll go to McDonald's and get the best chicken nugs in the land.

Literally everyone of every age can find pleasure in a chicken nugget. I'd even be willing to say that, if you don't like them, you could well be a straight up liar, but I do understand that some people have different tastes. But tell me, nugget haters, have you ever dipped your nugget in some sweet, sweet BBQ sauce? Some tangy but palatable honey mustard, perhaps?

The chicken nugget is, however, one of the most controversial foods of recent years. Professional chefs like Jamie Oliver who advocate for healthier foods in schools is practically on a crusade against the delicious fried bites of mystery meat. Some parents restrict their children from enjoying the rich, savory taste of a chicken nugget. I'm sorry, guys. It's hard for me to think about a kid going nuggetless.

And then there are the legends of vegans, vegetarians. They're tribes of warrior monks that live in the mountains and feed only on grass, having absolved themselves not of just chicken nuggets but all meats in their search for power. Bode well, brothers and sisters, for you are much stronger of will than I. We thank you for your sacrifices.

If it sounds like I'm worshipping chicken nuggets here, I'm not being serious, of course. The thing is, some people absolutely do love chicken nuggets that much and will go to extreme lengths to get their hands on them. They're pretty good, I can't deny, but the way some people relish their fast food favorites is almost cult-like.

Keep reading to find out what happened when one woman pulled a gun on a fast food worker for not getting enough nuggets.

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Shoutout to Texas Tech's Phi Kappa Psi for throwing what may go down as the wildest fraternity recruitment party ever, certainly the most lit frat recruitment video we've seen this year...Shoutout to the Phi Kappa Psi chapter for having an absolutely lit fraternity.

Of course the party was dubbed "Texas Tech Primetime 2017"

Warning: The video below may cause severe jealously and will make you wish you went to Texas Tech...


Spring semester can be the worst of times- finals, trying to bring that GPA up, braving the long cold winter months that are January and February. It can also be the best of times- spring break trips, greek week, and for those about to graduate, senior week, Valentine's Day (V Day could also be a pretty bad time depending on your current relationship status...)

What other show accurately depicted both the best of times and the worst of times, along with a whole lot of heavy drinking, more than "The Jersey Shore"? Lets see if our favorite characters from the shore can guide us on how to make it through these next four months...

20. Drunkenly looking around at your friends on the first night out after Winter Break like...



19. ...And then realizing you actually have to go to class and sitting in your 3 hour lecture thinking:



18. Looking at your loaded course schedule and syllabuses and thinking you'll never make it through the semester



17. And then getting assigned your first group project of the semester and of course everyone in your group wants to meet up on the weekend



16.  That feeling when your realize you're the only single roommate on Valentine's Day



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We've all had those mornings when we've woken up and been too drunk to remember what happened the night before, yikes. Below people share some of the funniest, craziest, and just downright strange things drunk people have done or said in their presence...

15."Had to convince my friend not to jump in the pool because he thought "This water is 2016 water, I gotta jump before it becomes 2017 water!"

It wasn't even a pool party."


14.  "My girlfriend started puking, and between outbursts says 'At least this is all good wine, it doesn't taste so bad coming up!'"

13. "We had a bunch of friends over at our house last night for the new year's celebration. It was starting to wind down and a group of them were having trouble finding a cab home. So one of them passes out on the couch because the wait had been over two hours.

Finally when a cab is hailed, another friend rushes inside to wake up the girl to get her. My GF and I are saying goodbye to everyone at the door. She groggily stumbles over and begins to say goodbye to my GF. "So nice to see you guys, I had a great time. You guys should come over more, don't worry about the coat, we can meet up tomorrow and figure it all out."

"Yeah no problem we had a great time too! We'll talk tomorrow." She stands there in a blanket.

"Yeah, hope you guys come again. Again, we'll figure out the coats tomorrow. I'm going back to bed right now."

"Uhhhh" I start to clue in, "we live here, you're the one leaving."

"Oh." So she starts to put on some shoes at the door from the pile.

"I don't think those are your shoes, do you remember what you wore here?" She looks down and stood trying to fit into small shoes. She then moves to a red cup on the floor and sticks her foot in it. At this point I'm dying laughing, " I don't think you wore that either"

"Oh this is embarrassing" I think she walked away with our blanket too..."

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With Halloween just days away, I thought I would enlighten you on the top 5 Halloween costumes you are more than likely going to see at any party you go to. I've been to 3 parties so far in the past 4 days, and these 5 have made an appearance at each.

5. The "Sexy" Anything

Yes. Literally anything. Girls can take any occupation there is and somehow turn it into something "sexy".


4. The Piece of Fruit


3. The Mermaid

(This is definitely a G-rated version. You wouldn't believe the outfits some girls come up with.)


2. The Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton


1. The Harley Quinn


Halloween is the classic time of the year when we all love to be scared.  Well, most of us anyway. While you may love a good jack-o-lantern or breaking out your best pair of animal ears (Looking at you, Karen Smith), maybe you’re not so crazy about the idea of things going bump in the night.

While I do love being terrified until I cry and need to sleep with my lights on, sometimes you just need something in the spirit of Halloween that doesn’t make you feel like you’re about to die. That being said, here are my top 6 Halloween movies that will not terrify you.

6. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Because Tim Burton is still a genius, you should add this movie to your list as well.  Jack Skellington is the resident of Halloween Town who organizes Halloween every year. After discovering a portal to Christmas Town, he becomes obsessed with the holiday and decides that the residents of Halloween Town will be organizing Christmas this year. It’s CHRISTMAS and HALLOWEEN (aka the two best holidays) in ONE MOVIE.


5. The Corpse Bride

Let’s start by reminding ourselves that Tim Burton is a genius. In this film, Victor (aka Johnny Depp, if you needed another reason to watch it) is getting ready to marry his human bride when Emily (who was murdered after eloping with her own love) drags him down to the underworld and insists on marrying him. It’s super Halloween-y, super cute, and you should definitely watch it this year

4. Coraline

As far as not scary movies go, this one is the spookiest. After discovering a secret door to a parallel world, Coraline is overjoyed that the new world is seemingly better than her own. That is, until parallel family tries to keep her there forever. I won’t lie, it did creep me out a bit-especially that part where they try to convince her to sew buttons on her eyes. Still, it does have a little bit of a spook factor without being actually scary.


3. Hocus Pocus

One of my absolute, 100% favorite Halloween movies ever. I assume most of you have seen this, but if you haven’t, why are you so deprived? Hocus Pocus is the story of the three Sanderson sisters who were hanged in Salem, but are accidentally resurrected by the main character Max, his little sister Dani, and Max’s friend Alison (who he may or may not have a little massive crush on). The movie is funny and will get you in the spirit of the holiday (it also offers some good costume ideas!).


2. Halloweentown Again, Halloweentown is a classic. There are four of these movies that should absolutely be watched as a marathon: Halloweentown, Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, Halloweentown High, and Return to Halloweentown. The premise of the movie is that there is a secret world called Halloweentown where all the Halloween creatures live: witches, goblins, genies, fairies. A girl named Marnie Piper finds out that her grandma Aggie lives in Halloweentown, and that she comes from a family of witches. Marnie then has to save Halloweentown on several different occasions. There’s no other word for Halloweentown than just plain fun. It’s a must-see.

1.It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

I don’t even think this needs explaining. One of my favorites, now and forever. If you haven’t seen it, you’re deprived. Watch it now.

Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even Valentine’s Day, Halloween is a relatively stress-free holiday. You’re not expected to invite your family over for an evening of small talk and drunken carols. You’re not expected to spend hours in the kitchen baking goods that appeal to everyone’s diet restrictions, and you’re not expected to spend hundreds of dollars for gift exchanges. However, the best part of Halloween—aside from the free candy of course—may be the dress code. On Halloween,  anything goes. It’s the one night of the year when you won’t be judged based on what you’re wearing.

However, dressing up can become rather expensive, especially when you consider the fact that you'll probably only wear the costume once. One way to get around this is to buy real clothes and create inspired looks. By doing this, you’ll not only get your Halloween costume but you’ll have a look that will get you through may occasions throughout the rest of the year as well.

To help get you started, I assembled 10 costume ideas from outfits found on my favorite clothing site, Modcloth.

10Wednesday Addams


Record Time A-Line Dress in Black – This child of woe, known for her dark personality, pale complexion, and two long black braids, is an iconic Halloween character. Simply use some light foundation and a black braided wig to complete the look.

9. Tinker Bell


Lasting Expression Lace Dress in Forest – Peter Pan's sassy companion is a Disney favorite. Add a blonde bun to the top of your head, some green flats with a white pompom glued on, and fairy wings to start flying, just don't forget your pixie dust and keep your jealous nature under control.

8. Holly Golightly


Sleek Your Interest A-Line Dress – Audrey Hepburn is one of the most beautiful women to have graced the silver screen, and Holly is probably her most iconic character. Throw your hair up, put on some costume pearls, and purchase a fake cigarette holder to channel your inner old Hollywood starlet.

7. Minnie Mouse

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 22: Ariana Grande attends T.J. Martell Foundation's 13th Annual Family Day at Roseland on April 22, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Traveling Cake Pop Truck A-Line Dress in Pink – Add a pair of Minnie's ears and you'll be ready to go. This dress is super cute and the costume will be perfect for anyone who plans to be around kids on Halloween. Everyone knows Minnie.

6. Annie


Looking to Tomorrow Mini Dress in Rouge – Everyone's favorite orphan will come to life with this dress and a curly red wig. Just note that no one wants to hear you singing about tomorrow when it's the night of free candy.

5. Kate Middleton


Curated Cartographer Floral Dress in Cerulean – We can't all be real-life princesses, but we can emulate one. This is a great idea for all of the long-haired brunettes out there who want a really easy costume. Add a nude clutch and nude heels and start practicing your royal wave.

4. Marilyn Monroe


Set in Your Sways Dress in Ivory – Marilyn is a beloved Hollywood figure known for her silver screen appearances, happy birthday serenades, and her flying skirt photograph taken by Sam Shaw. Grab a Marilyn wig from your local costume store and throw on a pair of heels before walking outside. And don't be afraid to let the wind blow your skirt up, just remember to put a pair of white spandex shorts on underneath first.

3. Felicity Smoak


Gallop with Glamour Dress – If you're looking for a more contemporary costume, go as one of your favorite TV characters. Computer genius Felicity Smoak from The CW's Arrow has a style that is really easy emulate. If you have blonde hair, put it up in a ponytail, add a bright pink lipstick, some statement earrings, and a pair of heel.

2. Daisy Buchanan


Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 9.52.26 AM

The Great Gatsby is one of those books that everyone needs to read at least once in their lives, and Daisy is the main female character that we all love to hate. But regardless of how you feel about Daisy, you know that 1920s fashion is always a good idea. The great thing about this character is that you can really make her your own with a drop waist dress, some costume pearls, and a pair of heels

1. Snow White


Relevant Elements Camisole in Navy and Just This Sway Midi Skirt in Goldenrod – And finally, sometimes a girl just wants to be a Disney princess, and while those costumes can cost a pretty penny, the Disney bounding trend that has taken over the Disney parks has provided us with a lot of inspiration. Clip a red bow in your hair, and add some red lipstick and other personal touches to modernize the original Disney princess.

Movies and TV shows would have you believe that college is about absolutely nothing but partying.  The fact is, you probably will go to plenty of parties during your college career, but what they neglect to tell you is that those parties are almost always as awkward as they are awesome.  That's just how it is, though.  When a large group of people get together, it breeds awkward moments like you wouldn't believe.

That's okay though, because it happens to everyone, and these things are bound to happen at every party.

20. You run into an ex.

19. You run into someone you hooked up with once.

18. You forget your hook-up's name.


17. Your hook-up forgets your name.

16. You hook up with your hook-up or your ex...again. 

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Don't you ever wonder how people can go to schools like West Virginia, Syracuse, or Arizona State, and actually get school work done without getting alcohol poisoning every other week? I sure as hell do. I go to a smaller party school myself and see people giving up studying for shots left and right. Below are just a few ways to avoid becoming an alcoholic while at college.

7. Don't drink every day.

This might be a pretty obvious one, but it's important. Shots and beer funnels aren't something meant to do every day. I'm not saying one glass of wine or beer after a long, hard day at work is going to turn you into an alcoholic, because there's a good chance it won't. Try to avoid parties and bars on Wednesdays.


6. Take a night off from being a savage to be "Mom".

There's always that one friend who sacrifices their night to take care of the friends who truly need it. Looking after your girls is super important, especially when you're around people that you don't know, or you're in a new surrounding. Give that one friend a break to have fun for a night or two. Try figuring out a schedule with your friends to see who's DD, or "Mom", will make sure everyone is getting a fair shot at dealing with your drunk ass.


5. Know your limits and limit yourself.

I cannot express how important this is. If you don't know your limits and you push them, your night could go from really great to really bad. This can be dangerous if you don't have one friend looking out for the group. Make sure you don't drink "one too many" and you're constantly aware of your surroundings.


4. Don't mix drinks and pace yourself.

This one is extremely important, as well. Do not take 9 shots in a matter of 15 minutes because there is a good chance you will die on the spot. Don't mix either because as harmless as it seems, it's super dangerous and you could get drugged in between drinks. Using the buddy system is a pretty accurate way to pace yourself.  If your buddy knows your limits and vice versa, it will be easier for your buddy to say "okay, have some water" than you saying "I could take another shot before drinking water".

being mom

3. Be careful with day drinking.

Day drinking before a football game could become really bad if you don't do it correctly. If you're trashed a half hour into tailgating, you're doing it wrong. If you're drunk through out the day, and are still able to attend the game acting like nothing's up, mission accomplished. Just be careful with this method because this could turn you into thinking you can do this every day and going to class drunk is a REALLY bad idea. Don't get too used to the idea of being invincible.

day drink

2. Try not to fall for the "it's college" excuse.

Yes, you're in college and you don't have to be extremely responsible and you have all the reason to go out and drink with your friends. Please, go out to a house party, or a bar, and sing, dance, and play pong till your little hearts give out (not literally, please don't drink your way to your death bed). But if you really have no desire to go out on Saturday night because your bed just sounds so much better, don't let your friends persuade you with the "you're in college" excuse.


1. Enjoy yourself while you can.

After all, college is supposed to be "the best years of your life". Live up to that. Make some amazing friends, be who YOU are, love what you do, get a little tipsy once in a while, and enjoy the hell out of your younger years because you probably won't get them back.