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Have You Ever Thought of Going to College…For Weed?!

Image Source: Cleveland.com   Yes, you read that headline correctly, you can now study marijuana at Ohio’s newest “weed college” which capitalizes on the growing medical marijuana industry. The school is known as “Cleveland Cannabis College”, and yes, it’s real.   According to CleveScene.com:   “Cleveland Cannabis College is offering prospective retailers, hopeful horticulturists and seasoned physicians a shot at the experience they’ll need to lead Ohio into the medical marijuana vanguard. To hear CEO Richard Pine tell it, our state is poised to revolutionize how medical marijuana is grown, tested, regulated and sold.”   The hope with CCC is that the school will provide students with the ability to apply for job opportunities that the medical marijuana industry will eventually create in Ohio,   Toke on that.  

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Valentine’s Day in College When You’re Single as Told by ‘Friends’

Valentine’s Day in college. For many of us it’s an absolute joke. We’re single as can be, hooking up with other people, and have no reason to celebrate the holiday. Since you’re probably single as can be if you’re reading this, here are the struggles we all go through being single on Valentine’s Day in College. 19. When all of your taken friends give you that sad look       18. …And then you start to think that maybe there’s a reason why you’re still single…       17. …And then realize that there definitely is.       16. But at the end of the day, why loathe in self-pity when being single in college is honestly, like, so fun  


Ponder These 10 Mind Bending Questions and Facts During Your Next Smoke Session

The universe is an interesting place, filled with a seemingly endless amount of unexplainable phenomena. Luckily that has not stopped our species from exploring and studying every micrometer of the universe we can see (even the universe inside each of us,) in an attempt to make sense of the grand mystery. The things that these individuals learn or the theories they develop can leave us with our minds boggled and our jaws on the floor. If that isn’t enough, our own social habits right here on this very planet have opened up a whole new avenue of mysteries. Lets take a look at a few of our universe’s eccentricities that I find the most intriguing. 10. Are We A Hologram?  It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but there is a good deal of evidence to support the theory that our universe may very well be a


Drunk Frat Guy Gets Confused, Takes $1,240 Cab Ride, Then Flies Home

Let’s be honest.  Getting wasted can make your memory pretty shoddy.  For example, how many of us have managed to misplace our phone while drunk?  Probably a lot of us.  When you get even more drunk, sometimes you can forget how to form words properly, or do basic things like…walking without falling down.  Come on.  It happens. However, I don’t know that I’ve ever been so drunk that I take a cab to the wrong city, racking up a fare of over $1,000! It all started when the Delta Tau Delta chapter at Texas State took a chartered bus from San Marcos, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana for their yearly formal.  At some point during the festivities on Bourbon Street, one member got so wasted, he forgot he was in New Orleans, so when he hailed a cab to take him home, he thought it would be a quick ride


Drunk Frat Guy Gets Confused, Takes $1,240 Cab Ride, Then Flies Home 2

The kid cleared up any confusion from the screenshot by saying that he had to pay for half the cab ride on his credit card, and then withdraw a hefty sum of cash to pay the balance when it ended up being way more expensive than the driver originally anticipated.  Of course, it doesn’t really seem like he’s hurting for money because of what he did next. When the drunk Delt realized what he’d done, he immediately hopped a plane to make it back to New Orleans in time for the formal, stopping only to pick up roses for his date who apparently stayed pretty salty with him throughout the duration of the trip, including the bus ride home.  When he returned to New Orleans, his friends hailed him as a hero. I guess if money isn’t really a concern — and it doesn’t seem to be, in this case