Birds are truly amazing animals. For a long time, us humans have watched birds as they've ruled the skies, wishing that we, too, could someday possess the powers of flight for ourselves. How exhilarating would it be to glide through the air without having to worry about coming back down? To be able to float around in the sky for hours and forget all the worries of the surface world?


It would be fantastic, and birds are interesting for plenty more reasons than their flight capabilities. There are more than 9,000 recorded different species of birds in the world, and as we explore more uncharted regions that number only continues to rise. Birds can be found anywhere, inhabiting the snowy tundras of Antarctica as well as Africa's barren deserts.

Wherever you go in the world, you'll find different species of birds that vary in highly unique ways from each other. Some birds, like parrots, have the ability to talk, while owls and hawks make for excellent predators with their enhanced senses and arsenal of natural weapons. Birds are just plain cool looking, too, especially when they perform particularly exciting acrobatic feats.


Some birds, like cardinals, are beautiful and have coloration in their feathers that's rarely found elsewhere in nature. Some birds are more suited to the water than the sky, swans swimming about gracefully while baby ducklings wobble about in a hilarious manner. Other birds call neither the skies nor the water home, such as the extinct dodo bird or the flamingo.


And have you ever seen a kiwi? Those things are crazy! They have this long, thin beak, sort of like a mosquito's tail, but their bodies are round and odd-looking. And they're called kiwis. How much more do you want out of your animal? Birds are also important to keeping natural cycles in balance by feeding on insects or other, larger critters to keep the ground-dwelling population free of pests.

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Up next we'll take a look at some cool facts about birds you definitely haven't heard before.

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Ah, acne. For many of us, it was a major bane during our teenage years and still continues to afflict us as we mature into adulthood. It puts scars on our faces and makes us scared to go out places. It makes us feel gross while we go out and try to live our normal lives, leading us to spend money on expensive products or attempt painful methods of removing the pimples.


Life is hard when you suffer from acne, and for some people it doesn't go away. It can stick around for years, as a chronic disease, depending on how naturally-oily your skin is. Anyone can get acne; it's the most common skin disease, affecting all races and ages, though teenagers and young adults are still the most susceptible. It's even estimated that 80% of all people between ages 11 and 30 will get acne outbreaks.

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Some people even get acne into their forties and fifties. And, while acne's cause is unknown, the factors that are presumed to cause it include teenage/ pregnancy hormones, use of birth control, heredity, medication and the use of greasy makeup. Though some of these  can be avoided, it's mostly true that acne is something you have to deal with.


Acne is embarrassing, especially when you're also contending with the other difficult socialization aspects of maturity. It hurts a lot of high schoolers and middle schoolers, especially, who become the subject of ridicule from particularly mean classmates. Having pimples can set a huge precedent for your life growing up, so it's good that modern medical technology is advancing to fight it more.


Even worse, acne can leave large scars and rashes in its wake if you try to heal it incorrectly. Early treatment is the best way to deal with pimples, usually through over-the-counter or prescription medication. Some of these you ingest, while others you merely apply to the skin. Either way, these treatment methods can only be so effective.

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Keep reading to hear about why we pop pimples, and why we're so obsessed with watching people do it.

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Walmart touts itself as the "one-stop shopping experience" that handles any and all customer's needs. Whether you're looking for groceries, toys, gardening supplies or even weapons, not only can you find it at Walmart but you can probably pick it up for pretty cheap, too. This huge variety of products is what attracts so many people of different backgrounds and walks of life to Walmart.

With such a diverse population visiting Walmart, it's only natural that you'll see weird, crazy or hilarious goings-on while you're just shopping for a new TV. We've all seen families fighting, but sometimes people go a bit farther with their Walmart shenanigans. But why? Why is Walmart the breeding ground for weird happenings while places like Target generally attract a less-rambunctious crowd?

One reason that might explain this is the placement of Walmart locations. While Walmart stores can be found everywhere throughout the U.S., oftentimes they're the only place people can go to buy what they need in lower-income or less-populated areas. In the south especially, this can attract customers who might be more eye-catching than the normal superstore patron.

The cost of Walmart's products also might attract more typically dysfunctional families who take advantage of the company's Rollback program to get the best deals. Walmart really slashes the prices on a lot of good items on a weekly basis, so it's hard to blame people for shopping there. But you'll often see people who just don't have the ability to take care of themselves for financial reasons.

Because of its size, Walmart is also a haven for shoplifters. I'm sure we've all been strolling out of a Walmart to find some poor, unlucky soul being put into the back of a cop car and figured that he or she had tried to take something. Many people think that because of how big Walmart is, employees will overlook them and they'll be able to grab whatever they want. Not always the case.

Sometimes, particularly... interesting Walmart shoppers will come in and do something completely weird, crazy or hilarious. Luckily, a lot of these happenings have been caught on camera. Let's take a look at some of the strangest Walmart occurrences in pictures.

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There is something to be said for countries that have liberal crime laws, at least when it comes to certain recreational drugs. For years, the Netherlands has had a reputation as a country that pretty much lets its citizens do as they please, within limits. Drugs and paid sex are not as widely policed in Holland as they are in the U.S.

The reason could be that Dutch officials figure that taking the temptation away from these activities makes them more benign. There is some truth to the idea that as soon as you make something forbidden, everyone wants to do it. That’s very similar to parents who tell their kids not to touch fire, and of course, the first thing children want to do is feel those flames.

However, back to the Netherlands, which famously allows citizens to smoke marijuana pretty much in the open. And also advertises a Red Light district where women advertise their bodies for paying customers. Such a country clearly has a liberal view of moral vice, right? Even for the Dutch, there are limits, as you are about to see.

Keep reading to fully understand how this all ties together…

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Yes, you read that headline correctly, you can now study marijuana at Ohio's newest "weed college" which capitalizes on the growing medical marijuana industry.

The school is known as "Cleveland Cannabis College", and yes, it's real.


According to


"Cleveland Cannabis College is offering prospective retailers, hopeful horticulturists and seasoned physicians a shot at the experience they'll need to lead Ohio into the medical marijuana vanguard. To hear CEO Richard Pine tell it, our state is poised to revolutionize how medical marijuana is grown, tested, regulated and sold."


The hope with CCC is that the school will provide students with the ability to apply for job opportunities that the medical marijuana industry will eventually create in Ohio,


Toke on that.


Valentine's Day in college. For many of us it's an absolute joke. We're single as can be, hooking up with other people, and have no reason to celebrate the holiday. Since you're probably single as can be if you're reading this, here are the struggles we all go through being single on Valentine's Day in College.

19. When all of your taken friends give you that sad look




18. ...And then you start to think that maybe there's a reason why you're still single...




17. ...And then realize that there definitely is.




16. But at the end of the day, why loathe in self-pity when being single in college is honestly, like, so fun


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Going to college is supposed to be one of the most exciting experiences that a young person has in their life thus far. You’re thrown head first into a brand new environment, given the freedom you’ve been dreaming about since middle school, with hundreds of new people to meet and tons of new things to experience first hand.

You’ve heard stories about how great college is going to be from older classmates, movies, social media and maybe even older family members, but going through it yourself is a privilege you’re desperate to start as soon as possible.

So what happens when life hits you when you’re supposed to be having the time of your life? What happens when sh*t happens that interferes with this adventure of a lifetime in your four years of college?



Well, I had to experience that first hand unfortunately, and I totally wasn’t expecting it. It’s rare when you hear of college students who have serious things in their life that really prevent them from getting their education and having a good time.

And when you do hear about people who have tragic things happen to them during their college years, you usually hear about them giving up, moving back home or dropping out of school all together to do something more productive and practical for their needs at that time.

But I guess I was the exception from that rule. From becoming chronically ill to becoming homeless, life hit me like a ton of bricks within a short two year period. While my former high school classmates were living it up without a care in the world at their different colleges throughout the country, life sort of stopped for me and I had to figure out how to deal. I quickly had to shift gears, but that didn’t mean I was going to give up the one thing I always wanted: a higher, college education.


In a weird way, I’ve learned to be grateful for all of the horrible things that have happened in my life. Through all of the money problems I watched my family struggle through that has affected me for so long, I learned the value of a dollar that not many students my age know yet. I save instead of splurge, and one day I’m going to be very happy that I learned not only how important money is, but how important it is to be able to manage your money effectively and wisely.

Am I missing out on things that I thought I would be experiencing in college? Yes. Is this the life that I thought that I was going to have when I turned twenty two? No. But I don’t necessarily hate every aspect of the situation that I’m in, and I have decided that it’s best for me to just make the best of it.

Now that I’m an adult, supporting myself and chasing my dreams of being successful one day with a career, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m anxious to see what the future holds for me, and I’m anxiously hoping that the good parts of life are right around the corner.

The universe is an interesting place, filled with a seemingly endless amount of unexplainable phenomena. Luckily that has not stopped our species from exploring and studying every micrometer of the universe we can see (even the universe inside each of us,) in an attempt to make sense of the grand mystery. The things that these individuals learn or the theories they develop can leave us with our minds boggled and our jaws on the floor. If that isn't enough, our own social habits right here on this very planet have opened up a whole new avenue of mysteries. Lets take a look at a few of our universe's eccentricities that I find the most intriguing.

10. Are We A Hologram?

 It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but there is a good deal of evidence to support the theory that our universe may very well be a holographic projection. Crazy? Maybe not. According to Gerard 't Hooft, the man who first proposed the holographic principle, for both gravity and quantum mechanics to be true, our universe has to exist as an image of data that is stored on a two dimensional projection. Most of us consider the universe to be mainly made up of energy and matter, but many physicists consider the universe to be mainly made up of information. We know that matter is made of atoms, and that atoms are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons; those particles are made of quarks and so on. Now imagine if you continuously divide particles further down the ladder you will eventually you make it to a unit that can be divided no more. What would you have? According to the holographic principle, it is quite possible you would have a "bit" similar to a 0 or 1 we use in coding. Thanks to a series of separate tests performed by Stephen Hawking, Leonard Susskind, Tom Banks, Willy Fischler, and Stephen Shenker we now know that the holographic principle is completely possible and around how much space would be necessary to store our universe (around a tenth of a light-year.)

9. We Can Pass Situational Knowledge Down to Our Kids Genetically

We all know that the way we look and the way we act is heavily influenced by our genetics. What some may not know is, there is another inherited factor in play that has an effect on both appearance and personality. The epigenome is essentially a series of chemical tags on your genome that tells your DNA whether to wind tighter or more loosely to expose certain letters for expression. Your epigenome changes throughout your life based on different chemical queues, and essentially means that the way you take care of your body will be passed down to your children. In 2000, Randy Jirtle made a simple dietary change to a group of lab mice whose babies were consistently fat and blonde, which resulted in a single letter of their DNA being expressed differently. The end result was their babies being born small and brown, rather than fat and blonde. In another test scientists conditioned a lab mouse to be afraid of a particular smell. His babies, whether or not they were raised around him, were found to have inherited that same fear.

8.) Money is Debt

Money makes the world go around, but where the hell does it come from? Most people may be surprised to find out, most of the money we use on a daily basis was not created by the United States treasury. Money nowadays is created by a private banking institution known as the Federal Reserve. That money is then loaned out to our government with attached interest. This, of course, means that our government (and its citizens,) will always owe the Federal Reserve more money than it has borrowed. Or, in short, money is debt. To learn more, visit my website

7.) Is Spacetime Actually a Fluid?

Much like the holographic principle, this idea came to be as a way to solve conflicting information within the realm of physics. Conflicting view points between general relativity and quantum mechanics, suddenly make sense if you begin to look at spacetime as a "superfluid." A superfluid is essentially a liquid that has zero friction. In the GIF above, you can see helium in its superfluid form, dripping through a hole that couldn't be any bigger than a molecule. The fluid can also climb over the rims of its container, and remain motionless even if you spin the glass. If this theory were true, particles in our universe essentially surf throughout the spacetime, in a liquid that is more slippery than we could ever imagine. It is important that I point out, this is not a widely excepted theory, and I myself do not necessarily believe it.

Let's be honest.  Getting wasted can make your memory pretty shoddy.  For example, how many of us have managed to misplace our phone while drunk?  Probably a lot of us.  When you get even more drunk, sometimes you can forget how to form words properly, or do basic things like...walking without falling down.  Come on.  It happens.

However, I don't know that I've ever been so drunk that I take a cab to the wrong city, racking up a fare of over $1,000!

It all started when the Delta Tau Delta chapter at Texas State took a chartered bus from San Marcos, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana for their yearly formal.  At some point during the festivities on Bourbon Street, one member got so wasted, he forgot he was in New Orleans, so when he hailed a cab to take him home, he thought it would be a quick ride to his house.  It wasn't.  It was a journey of over 500 miles, and the kid posted the credit card info to prove it happened.

Photo Credit: Total Frat Move Photo Credit: Total Frat Move

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The kid cleared up any confusion from the screenshot by saying that he had to pay for half the cab ride on his credit card, and then withdraw a hefty sum of cash to pay the balance when it ended up being way more expensive than the driver originally anticipated.  Of course, it doesn't really seem like he's hurting for money because of what he did next.

When the drunk Delt realized what he'd done, he immediately hopped a plane to make it back to New Orleans in time for the formal, stopping only to pick up roses for his date who apparently stayed pretty salty with him throughout the duration of the trip, including the bus ride home.  When he returned to New Orleans, his friends hailed him as a hero.

Photo Credit: Total Frat Move Photo Credit: Total Frat Move

I guess if money isn't really a concern -- and it doesn't seem to be, in this case -- this fella has no reason not to look back on this weekend with fondness and amusement.  Indeed, he commented on his little excursion by saying, "I had one hell of a weekend in NOLA. I loved it."

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