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Why It’s Normal To Grow Apart From Your High School Friends

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Coming to the realization that I’m not close to my high school friends was hard for me because they were a huge part of my life, mostly because some of them have been my friends since grade one. My “home friends”, as we call them at school, are different from me. We have been friends for so long but don’t have a lot in common. What we did have was a lot of time to spend together because that’s what high school life is like. You spend time with your friends in class, during lunch and probably after school too! With that being said, I have a special place for them in my heart. Thinking about how much time you spend with your friends in your four years of high school is actually crazy to me. They are the people that were with me during a lot of my “firsts” in life, and I was there for theirs; it’s a special bond we have.

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