10 Facts About College That I Wish Weren’t True

10. Textbooks – If you were in high school and heard college students complaining about how much textbooks cost and thought they couldn’t be that bad, you were wrong. They are in fact ridiculously expensive.


9. Freshman 15- Everyone jokes about the freshman 15 and getting fat in college, but this is indeed a real thing. One may find their waistline expanding due to having a meal plan, late night snacking, and a lack of exercise.


8. Morning classes- Most freshmen are used to starting classes at 8 a.m., after coming out of high school. For this reason, students think they can handle an early class when it’s time to register. They’re wrong, early classes are horrific. Even if you want to be ambitious and start your day early, don’t, because it is true that morning classes are the worst and you’ll be counting down the days until the end of the semester.


7. Mountains of homework- Sadly, no one was joking when they said you would get so much homework, that you could drown in it. You may even start to feel that you’re being punked and wait for Ashton Kutcher to jump out. No matter how much you wish it were a joke, it’s not, because you truly get mounds of homework.


6. Foreign professors- You’ve probably heard the horrors of having a foreign professor, with poor english, on social media. Although we all wish for funny, interesting, and informative professors, that will explain everything clearly to us, that won’t always happen. You will encounter a foreign professor that you can not understand and it will be awful.


5. Safety-  Administration conducts campus tours where the guide probably told you how safe your campus was and all the safety features that are taken into action. What they didn’t tell you, but should have, is that campus danger exists and is a growing problem. It’s so real that a nail polish has been invented that can detect date rape drugs in a drink.


4. No sleep- One of the most precious things to any college student, is sleeping. That’s probably because we all get so little of it. Between classes, parties, and procrastination, you’ll be staying up very late to get things done. When your friend says that they have slept for 8 hours, they probably mean for the week.


3. Bad roommates- Movies about college give a false perception about roommates. They make students envision a perfect roommate who is going to be your new best friend. The truth is, you may end up with a roommate you can’t stand, but you’ll still have to live with.


2. Being broke – With tuition, books, and food, you’re probably going to be short on funds at one point or another. Unfortunately, being a broke college student means you’ll probably end up eating ramen noodles or canned beans some nights.


1. Procrastination – Even with a solid plan to get things done, you’re probably going to hit a wall and that wall’s name is procrastination. You can go into homework with the best intentions, but stalling happens to the best of us. An assignment that could have taken an hour, is now going to take six, and you’ll scramble in a crisis to get it done in time.

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