10 People I Can’t Stand At My College Gym

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Here are the people I hate at the gym:

1. The people who don’t re-rack the weights.

2. The girls who “work out” by hogging the treadmill/elliptical the whole time.

3. That couple who does everything together at the same time. While innocent bystanders have to listen to there mushy terms of encouragement.

4.  The bros who stare at their arms in the mirror when they lift.

5. The grunters. Everyone knows at least one person who has to make sexual noises every time they do something to make people look.

6. The people who forget headphones. Just because you keep your device low, it doesn’t mean people around you can’t hear it.

7. People who text on the machines. You’d be done in half the time if you’d put your phone down for once and actually focus on the workout.

8. Guys who only do arms. No one else can focus on their workout when we’re all worried those toothpick legs are going to snap.

9. The people who use the gym for socializing. That’s what a coffee shop is for.

10. People who drop/slam the weights. If you could actually handle what you’re doing, you’re strong enough to set them down.

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