10 Pros and Cons of Being the Middle Child (2)

5. Pro: You had someone to torment the same way your older sibling tormented you.

Con: You had to suffer in order to understand how to annoy the baby of the family.

4. Pro: It’s okay to be less mature than your older sibling and they’re expected to be the bigger person.

Con: It’s not really okay to be less mature than your younger sibling even though some of us do it…

3. Pro: You are usually great at dealing with conflicts on your own with roommates, best friends, etc., because you’ve probably always been a room sharer – first with your older sibling, then with the younger.

Con: You’ve always had to share rooms and when you get your own, you never want to leave. Ever.

2. Pro: You always have hilarious stories to tell about your older sibling’s adventures and the innocence of your younger one.

Con: You hear a lot of things you don’t want to hear because you’re relatable for either age group.

  1. Pro: You’re friends with some of their friends so that’s 3x the gossip!

Con: It’s like having 10283910 more loud, obnoxious siblings.

Sometimes you feel like Stephanie Tanner…

But in the end, you know you’re thankful for being the middle child. When you find other middle children you know that you will instantly get along with them and they understand the struggle. And the best part is, you’ve never been alone a day in your life and you love your family for that. It’s a curse and a blessing!


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