10 Reasons Why Every Brunette Needs A Blonde Best Friend

The friendship between a blonde and a brunette is unlike any other. With so many TV characters to look up to, it’s no wonder those without a blonde best friend would be jealous because seriously who wouldn’t want what Brooke and Peyton or Blair and Serena have? Here’s why every brunette needs a blonde best friend in her life…

10. Blondes can wear things that brunettes just can’t so we like to live vicariously through you when we tell you to wear that orange or gold-sequined shirt.

Rachel Hand GIF

9. You know what they say… “Blondes have more fun!” and it’s almost always the case. Brunettes love watching their blonde friends to the things they know they would never do. 

Serena van der Woodsen GIF

8. The two of you will never get confused with each other. After all, one of the most annoying things to any girl is being confused with somebody else.

I Ain't Even Mad GIF

7. You can actually buy those shirts, picture frames, mugs, you name it that say “every brunette needs a blonde best friend” because really who doesn’t want one.

Best Friend GIF

6. When a blonde and a brunette get together, anything can happen.

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