10 Reasons You’d Hate Your Random Roommate

Those of you who went into college assigned to a random roommate in a random dorm room, you will relate to this. Either you’re roommate does these things, or these are the reasons your roommate hates you.

1. They venture into your space.

Seriously…keep your stuff with YOUR side, no one enjoys your socks or books or toiletries where they keep their things.

2. They turn on the lights when you sleep.

Self-explanatory…don’t be a jerk.

3. They eat or drink extremely obnoxiously.

Close your mouth when you eat and don’t slurp your drinks…it’s that easy.

4. They talk to their significant other/fwb on the phone 24/7.

No one wants to hear the same stupid fight or convo over and over again…and don’t even get me started on phone sex…

5. They invite random people over at the most random times.

Let your roomie know before they come into the room welcomed by a few creepers sitting on their bed…make sure it’s okay or you’ll have a problem.

6. They borrow your things without asking.

Just ask….it’s courteous, because it’s noticeable when something is missing, and it won’t make anyone happy to find out their stuff is gone without permission.

7. They go out too much.

Always coming home slammed or high causes you to not be so quiet in the room while the other person could be sleeping or just doesn’t wanna deal with your drunk self anyway.

8. They don’t go out enough.

Get out of the room from time to time cause everyone likes their alone time, and you need fresh air you hermit.

9. They hookup in the room with you there.

Don’t. Just. Don’t

10. They are overall disgusting.

Clean up your hair off the ground, your food out of the sink, and your toothpaste off the mirror(how does that even happen?). Be a human not a monster.


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