10 Reasons We Actually Miss High School

Photo credit: Easterling Studios

High School- the time of life that we hated being in, but wish we could go back to sometimes. Admit it, you can’t help but reminisce.

10. Class Size.

I miss my 24 : 1 student teacher ratio, 300+ lecture halls are scary.

giphy (23)

9. Actually getting sleep.

Going to bed before 3am is lucky.

giphy (28)

8. Classmates.

Sitting next to your best friends with in every class.

giphy (24)

8. You’re not broke.

Mom, if you’re reading this please send money.

giphy (25)

7. Free Laundry.

Once again, Mom please send money. I’m running out of ¬†clean underwear…

giphy (26)

6. Home cooked meals.

Eating pizza or ramen 3 times a day really gets old.

giphy (27)


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