10 Reasons Why it’s Awesome to be a Terp

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1. The tradition of leaving offerings to Testudo during finals. (Just let’s not set him on fire again.)


Most Notable items: Bear statue, deep fryer, lamp post.

2. Day Drinking. For any sport, or any occasion for that matter.


Of course Football tailgates take the cake.

3. Bagel Place on a Sunday morning.


Just what the doctor ordered for that Sunday morning hangover. Sweatpants and t-shirts are the dress code.

4. Drafts.


Also known as “Big Ass Drafts”. For when that hangover subsides, heading to Cornerstone for drafts is the Sunday night repertoire of a true Terp.

5. McKeldin.


8 floors. Study carrels. Late night hours. What more could you ask for?

6. CVS shopping center on Route One.

Edited chipotle

Much Chipotle. Such goodness. Free Sunday parking isn’t bad either.

7. Riots/ “Celebrations of Victory”.


Who shall we “celebrate” winning against now after the move to the Big 10?

8. Being metro accessible to D.C.

Unknown copy

For those who are willing to risk their whole check on pay-day at the D.C. bars. No $1.50 rails there.

9. Cheap drinks at area bars.


Where else can you find rail drinks for $1.50? Let’s never grow up.

10. And finally, the sense of unity and superiority that comes from being a Terp.


Duck Fuke forever.

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