10 Signs The Masses Are Ready To #FeeltheBern

10.) The Numbers

Screenshot from 2016-02-25 08:57:52Bernie Sanders continues to surge forward in the polls; unless of course they are held by a mainstream news source, in which case Hillary somehow always comes out on top. The man is picking up momentum quicker than a downhill bullet train, and giving competitors like Trump and Hillary a run for their Super PAC money.

9.) Major Star Support

There is a reason advertisements often use celebrities instead of random people who can be paid much less….it works! New celebrities are popping up left and right who endorse Bernie Sanders. Killer Mike of Run The Jewels has practically been campaigning for the guy for quite some time.

“I think more rappers need to endorse [Bernie Sanders],” Killer Mike told The Daily Beast. “I’ll suggest some rappers who are incredibly brilliant…and I’ll get those [phone] numbers and pass those onto [Sanders’s] press secretary. When it comes time to organize hardcore events on the ground that will mobilize the young black vote, I’ll reach out to the appropriate contact in the campaign.”  -Killer Mike

8.) America Has Taken Note Of The Massive Inequality In Our Country

People have woken up to a harsh reality in recent years; our nation is being forced to live in perpetual debt thanks our economic and tax system favoring the ruling elite over the working class. Even jobs we take for granted like plumbers and garbage men do more for our country then those in the highest paying careers such as derivatives trading and banking. What is even worse is the ones near the top of the totem pole represent the same interests that have been shown to bring destruction to our planet (oil, fracking, etc.) and are able to use their enormous power to continue killing our planet for profit. This has been the norm for hundreds of years, and people are finally fed up. Bernie Sanders has emerged as the “revolutionary candidate,” and the one most likely to usher in the era of change that we so desperately need.

7.) Size Matters

 Numbers don’t lie, Bernie Sanders continues to draw enormous crowds every time he steps on stage. Between June 1st and August 21st, alone, Sanders drew over 100,000 listeners for a total of 7 events. On July 18th Sanders even set a new record for 2016 candidates by bringing in 11,000 people in Pheonix, AZ. That is impressive in itself but he didn’t stop there; He later drew 15,000 in Seattle, and then 28,000 in Portland!


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