10 Signs The Masses Are Ready To #FeeltheBern (2)

6.) His Competition

A lot of people like Hillary, but at the end of the day she is still under investigation for mishandling classified information. Her email scandal arose in March 2015 and, according to a September 2015 poll by Gallup, “email” is the single word that most Americans relate to her. For those that may not know, Hillary stands accused of using her personal email account to handle official email communication, instead of the official state department email that is maintained on federal government servers. She also deleted 32,000 emails that she deemed private; these may have contained classified information and her deletion of the emails violates federal laws and regulations that govern record keeping requirements.

5.) He Has The Young Vote Already

It is no secret, the majority of young voters want to see Sanders in office. At the Iowa Democratic caucuses, Bernie won a staggering 84 percent of the vote from voters between the age of 17-29. He also won 83 percent of the vote from voters under 30 in New Hampshire, and he polls 28 percent higher than Hillary with voters between the age of 18-34, overall, according to Reuters. Sanders is finding it hard to pull ahead in certain states, and one major factor seems to be at play; voter turnout among young voters. Although Bernie Sanders has an overwhelming lead with the younger generation, in both Iowa and Nevada, voter turnout among people below age 30 was well below the number of eligible voters.


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