10 Statements Unique To Small Schools

Being someone that chose a smaller university, I have realized vast differences between us small school attendees than those who attend a larger university.

Somewhere between the walks to class every day and the few house parties every weekend, we fell into a routine that is oddly unique to us. The things we complain about and the things we get excited for are sometimes unheard of by the public, state school folk.

“OK, I need to go to class” at 2:25 p.m. for a 2:30 p.m. class. 

walking away psych staring

Because no one wants to be the first one in the classroom, and leaving ten minutes early does exactly that.

“You probably couldn’t use my ID because the bouncers already know who I am.”

Small schools mean small bars and small bars mean recognizable faces.

“Who is having the pregame tonight?” 

drinking alcohol frustrated annoyed stressed

Multiple houses having the pregame usually ends up in small groups of friends sitting around a table. That is why it is best to coordinate.

“What is for dinner at the dining hall tonight?”

not movie white chicks salad

There is only one dining hall with few options, so it is not hard to figure out what to expect each night.



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