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10 Struggles of Having a Friend Who Can’t Handle Their Alcohol

We all have that one friend in our group, who is constantly a drunk mess whenever they go out. Drunk isn’t even the word, we’re talking rip-roaring wasted. They always promise the next morning that they’ll never drink again, but you know it’s a lie. Although they’re sometimes a pain in the ass to deal with, you know they always give you an entertaining story to tell the next day. Here are the 10 struggles of having a friend who can’t handle their alcohol.

10. You want to invite them out, but you know it’s a bad idea

They’re always so fun to go out with, but you regret it every single time they come out with you.


9. They always promise they won’t get bad like they did last time

It’s the age old line “I won’t be that bad this time,” except you know they’re lying, however you chose to give them the benefit of the doubt and bring┬áthem out.


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