10 Struggles All Lazy Students Understand

1. Naps- You may have mountains of work to do, but nothing can be started until you’ve taken a nap after class. You go into the nap thinking you’ll be fresh and rejuvenated afterwards to start your work, but we all know you’ll just struggle to get up.



2. Laundry- One of the most tedious tasks while at college is doing laundry. Most people don’t want to be bothered with having to do this. The laziest students will re-wear all their clothes to the point that they may be stiff. Even with having nothing left to wear and receiving funny looks, you’re still debating if you have to do laundry.



3. Food Delivery- Whether it’s food delivery from a restaurant or begging your friends to sneak you back food from the dining hall, lazy kids can absolutely not be bothered to leave their bed and walk all the way to the dining hall. Easy Mac may turn into your new best friend.



4. Multiple alarms- Every lazy person knows there is nothing harder than waking up before noon during the week. The only way you’re going to get up and make it to class is by setting multiple alarms in short intervals. The most effective way, may even be to set threatening messages like “Get up or you’ll have to be a stripper!” for motivation.



5. Recording teachers- Nothing is worse than going to a class where the professor talks a mile a minute. All those notes you’ll have to take to try to keep up, is far too much work for the lazy students. A quick fix for this is to record your professor so you can sit back and relax while the professor does the work, even though you know you probably won’t listen to it later.



6. Procrastination- A lazy student’s best friend is procrastination, which is the best way to make more time to do nothing. Symptoms may include, but are not limited to, checking all the apps on your phone/computer, staring off into space, doodling, and watching vines.



7. Debating every class- Everyone knows that the energy to get up and go to class is just not there. A logical response to this is to debate everything that could possibly happen in the class and its importance, while deciding whether or not you have to go.



8. Importance of work- Along with deciding if you need to go to class, is deciding if you actually have to do the work for class. Before starting any work, it is important to find out two things; is the homework being collected and graded, and is it actually important for your education?



9. Googling- When homework has to actually get done, more effort will be put into trying to make the work as easy as possible, than actually doing the homework. More time will be wasted googling and looking for the answers, than it would have taken to just do it alone.



10. Going out- While being on campus, going out is one of the most fun things to do. You know you will have a good time once you get out and are actually at a party. The struggle occurs when you have to actually get out of bed and get ready in order to go out. A lot of planning and effort must be put into getting ready, before you can have fun.

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