10 Struggles of Having a Messy Dorm

When you’re in college you’re more worried about class, homework, work, and your social life than you are about keeping your room clean. So, naturally, when keeping your room clean is at the bottom of your list of priorities it can get pretty messy. One thing leads to another and you keep saying you’re going to clean it later, but next thing you know your room looks like a tornado hit it and you don’t know where to begin. If this is a situation you can relate to, then this one’s dedicated to you!

10. When you try to look for one thing and it just makes a bigger mess. You know exactly where everything is in your room (it’s an organized mess, okay?), but when you try to move things around to get to that one thing you need it just ends up making a bigger mess. Now you basically hate everything and want to give up.


9. You want to lay down but you can’t get to your bed. Sometimes when you get back to your room all you want to do is lay down on your bed and take a nap. But that doesn’t always work –  especially if you threw all of your clothes on your bed this morning when you were trying to figure out what to wear. You could just throw it all on your desk chair, but there isn’t really any room there either.


8. Your friends say there’s a smell in your room. You don’t smell anything but your friends insist there’s a smell. It could be from the food that you threw in your trashcan a few days ago or it could be from the dirty laundry you have piling up everywhere. Either way, you should probably crack a window open.


7. You consider trying to clean an accomplishment. Your room may be so messy that you consider even trying to clean it an accomplishment. Even if the only thing you actually cleaned was your desk, at least you’re one step closer to having a completely clean room!


6. Trying to have friends come over. If you know your friends are coming over then having a messy room can suck. You can’t just pull a curtain over that makes your room look clean, but you wish you could. So you quickly shove all of your clothes in drawers, under your bed, or in your closet and hope they don’t realize it.



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