10 Struggles of Having a Friend Who Can’t Handle Their Alcohol (2)

5. If you blink for more than 3 second’s they’re gone

Drunk friends are like ADHD dogs, if they see someone they know they’ll run after them and you’ll spend your entire night looking for them. You’ll check in the obvious spots: bathroom, by the keg, the DJ booth or in someone’s bed.

4. You guys end up going on adventures 

You can never just stay at the one place you’re at, you have to always leave to go to another fraternity house-or 3.

3. They always lose something and you have to go back looking for it 

Your friend lost their phone, keys, and ID at one of the 3 fraternity houses you were at that night and is hysterically crying because they can’t pay to replace another lost set of keys. Now it’s your job as somewhat sober friend to help find these belongings.

2. It’s a guarantee you’ll wind up at some fast food restaurant #drunchies

 But fried food sounds soooooo good at 3 a.m.

1.The next morning you have to retell your nights actions because they blacked out before midnight 

“Wait we were at Delta Sigma Phi?” is among some of the question’s your friend will ask.

You promise yourself never again, but you know you’re just lying to yourself.

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