10 Struggles Only An Oglethorpe University Student Would Understand

Oglethorpe is a small Liberal Arts school in Atlanta, Georgia.  Like any school, there are some struggles that OU students go through that only other OU students understand.

10. The Godforsaken Hill Between the Residence Halls and Academic Quad

9. The Oglebubble is So Real

The Oglebubble is the term that Oglethorpe Students use for the busy atmosphere that Oglethorpe provides that sucks you in before you even realize its happening.  One day, you move in, and suddenly, it’s three months later and you haven’t seen the outside of campus since your first day.

8. “Sorry, I Can’t Go Out, I Have To Read The Odyssey”

Reading The Odyssey during CORE 101 in all its unabridged glory is an Oglethorpe rite of passage, and bonds classes together by the tears they shed over its many pages and the essays that come with them.next




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