10 Things I See Now In College That I Didn’t See in High School

10. I’m Not As Great As I Think I Am: Let’s be honest, high school is the prime time in which we puff up our pride. And pride, is a person’s greatest downfall. Arrogance will get you nowhere in college, or in life really. It will never be something a punk high schooler would admit to, but it is the most evident attribute to their motivation, personality, and actions. I see it now, but I definitely didn’t see it within myself back then. I can remember my parents telling me, trying to put me back in reality. But, what teenager ever listens to their parents? Here’s the truth: you are pretty great, but you also aren’t as great as you think you are. Take a step back and ask yourself why you do the things you do; you may be the start of the show in high school, but all of that will change once you’re on a college campus. No one cares about who you were, so be aware of who you will become. The things you deem important now are all going to change. If you want to be respected in college, be respectable. Do things that MATTER.

calm down

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