10 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Girls

Although some things may seem like normal conversation pieces, girls may hear it differently than what it was suppose to mean. If you avoid using these lines at all cost, your life will probably change for the better. These are some things you definitely shouldn’t say to girls.




1. Relax- Even though this may seem like nothing to you, it is to a girl. She was probably relaxed, until you said that. Now she is going to go Calypso on your ass.

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2. You’re being crazy- When someone says this, it probably means you’re just acting out of character at that time. The way a girl hears this though, is completely different. She will probably take it as, “You’re completely irrational and the incoherent things you’re rambling about are lowering my IQ.”

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3. One word answers- If a girl is trying to talk to you and putting a lot of effort in the conversation, the last thing you want to do is respond with a one word answer. If the two of you are not close, nothing says “not interested” like a one word answer. If you are close and talking about something that has importance and you’re still using one word answers, she will think you don’t care. Also, she will probably leave you and your one word answers to fend for yourself.


4. My Ex never did this- Never ever, I mean ever, compare a girl to your ex. If you were already in rough waters, you just took a belly flop in a tsunami with that line. No one wants to be compared to someone who is no longer in your life.

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5. Whatever- You mean: I’m done talking about this, and we are never going to agree. What she hears: I don’t care and I’m just saying this so you shut up.

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6. You look fine- This actually means that you look fine, and there is nothing wrong with your look. Fine is even a synonym for good. She will probably take it as, “I mean you could look better, but I guess this will do.”

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7. Are you going to wear that?- This is most likely just a way to ask if a girl is ready to go. A girl is going to hear, “Do I really have to be seen out with you looking like that or are you going to change?”

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8. Are you on you period?- Never base a girl’s actions on her period. You can not assume that she is feeling something, because she is emotionally unstable. Girls have a right to have emotions everyday of the month.

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9. Why are you freaking out?- You probably think something is not a big deal but she feels differently. Don’t take this as her freaking out. She probably wasn’t freaking out, but now that you said that, challenge accepted. You’re about to learn what a freak out really is.

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10. How much do you weigh?- If for some reason you didn’t learn this as a child, never ask a woman how much she weighs. This is not only rude, but also none of your damn business and it shouldn’t matter anyways. It doesn’t change who she is, so just don’t ask.

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