10 Things That Make You Miss Home (2)

5. Not having to wear flip flops in the shower… Or bringing a shower caddy with you, or trying not to slip and die on the way back to your dorm. Plus you can sing in the shower without being judged. Overall this is just easier at home. 

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4. Your pets… There’s no one else you’d rather cuddle with in bed and watch movies with. In their eyes you can do no wrong; they will always  love you no matter what and every time you come home, they never want to leave your side. 

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3. Your own bed… As comfortable as your dorm bed is when you’re putting off going to class, your bed at home is a whole different kind of comfortable… like you almost want to bring your mattress to school kind of comfortable.  

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2. SLEEP… Since being home for most means not taking classes, you can finally sleep in! Even though most of us don’t take advantage of this because we’re spending time with our family and friends that we haven’t seen in way too long, just the fact that we don’t have to set an alarm for the morning is reason enough to breathe a sigh of relief. 

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1. Being able to do laundry whenever you want… No more wandering to different floors to use their dryers or attempting to unravel your knot of clothes courtesy of the washers. And if you want to do laundry at six o’clock on a Sunday night while you’re home, you can without having to practically fight for a machine. 

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