10 Things That Make You Miss Home

As excited as every college kid is to finally be “out on their own” and able to make their own decisions, everyone gets homesick at one point or in other cases, a thousand points throughout the semester. And why wouldn’t you? Before you left for school there was always a stocked pantry, you saw your family everyday, and life was just overall simpler. Even if you have to leave to realize it, there are some things that just aren’t the same at college that just make you miss home…

10. Not having to go to class… No class. No work. No problem.

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9. Family… As much as you think you miss your family, they miss you even more so when you go home it’s a special time for them too. Things like family movie nights or going out to eat as a family become so much more special when you go away to college because you’re not usually home to be a part of them. 

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8. All the good food… Nothing makes you miss a homemade meal more than the food at the dining hall. After all, you can only eat grilled cheese and french fries for so long before all you’re craving is your mom’s chicken and pasta.


7. Not having to walk everywhere… If you’ve never debated ordering food just so that you don’t have to walk to your dining hall, are you even really in college? Being home not only means that the food is better but it also means you only have to take a few steps to be able to eat it. 

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6. Old friends… You definitely find out who your true friends are in college because you don’t see all of them in school everyday anymore. You and your best friend obviously have a good snap streak going but nothing replaces coming home and having a movie night while you talk about your college adventures. 

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