10 Things I Will Do in 2016 at The University of Alabama (2)

5. Do extracurricular things. I would like to do things that’s fun and can keep my mind off of serious things. Probably join an intramural sport or something of that sort this year.

4. Join organizations/get involved. I would like to join more organizations and also get more involved in the ones I’m already in. I could even start thinking about what I can do for next year

3. Study harder. Last year I realized studying the night before wasn’t going to help me very much during the test so studying beforehand is a great idea. One of my main goals for 2016.

2. FIND FRIENDS! That’s really a big goal for me. I think if I made friends last year I wouldn’t dread being here and I wouldn’t be so bored. Hopefully I will make at least one friend in 2016.

1. Have fun! I want to just have fun and enjoy my last semester of my freshman year. Hopefully 2016 will bring lots of improvements in my life.

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