10 Things To Do When You’re Bored At College

Instead of being bored in your dorm room and filling your time with playing on your phone and Netflix, there are creative ways to fight off boredom blues. You definitely won’t regret trying these fun, creative, and productive ideas when you don’t have any other plans.

1. Film a video- Get some friends together and create a short video! You can either write a script or just simply improvise. A popular version of this is recreating a music video. This is a great way to bring people together and get creative. Afterwards, you can even post it online. Who knows, maybe it will become a big hit!giphy

2. Make T-shirts- Instead of buying another overpriced logo t-shirt, go out and buy some white t-shirts and some paint and get to work. It saves money, it’s fun to do, and you can wear it to your next sporting event. When everyone asks where you got it, you can proudly say that it’s your own work.giphy (1)

3. Board Games- Instead of spending the night on Netflix and/or social media, try mixing things up a little bit by kicking it back old-school. This can range from Monopoly, to poker, or even Apples to Apples. Anything that will get you socializing with people and away from the internet. Some good old fun will really be a refreshing thing when you’re tired of the usual social scene.

giphy (2)

4. Rearrange Furniture- A great time filler that will definitely fight off boredom, is reorganizing your dorm room. Not only will you get some change in your environment, but you can also change the feng shui of your room. Try different layouts of furniture, rearrange them until that little thing that was bothering you is satisfied, and enjoy the new space.

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5. Collages- A great way to add some spice to your room is to make a picture collage. You will have some new decorations and you can also get creative in a work of art that’s completely you. It could also be a new way to get to know things about your friends/ roommate that you didn’t know before.

giphy (4)

6. Online shopping- Nothing can kill time faster than a little online shopping. You can spice up your wardrobe, find a new outfit for a night out, and everyone feels better with new things. The trick is to not go too crazy though, so you can still afford next semesters textbooks.

giphy (5)

7. Join an interesting club- A great time filler after class or on the weekends would be a club you’re interested in. There are meetings and activities that can definitely help keep you busy so you’re never bored. Not only will you be busy with the club, but you will also meet new people that you can make plans with when you are bored.

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8. Work Out- Instead of sitting on the couch when you’re bored and eating bags of junk food, fill your extra time with a workout. Working out can be a productive way that will not only get you moving, but be beneficial for your body. Fight off those college pounds with using your extra time the right way.

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9. Explore the city around you- If there isn’t anything going on around campus, you can always leave to go explore what is around you. Grab a group of friends and find out what great things are happening in the city that your school is in. You can check to see what movies are coming out, popular coffee shops, or an art fair.

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10. Create your own theater- A fun way to fill your night when you don’t want to go out, is to have your own movie night. Set up the common room with chairs and couches all around a television, grab a group of friends, some snacks, and enjoy your free time with the newest movie.

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