To The Girl Who Balances Partying and School

Dear Girl Who Balances Partying and School,

Monday through Thursday you can be found in the library or at a meeting for a club or at your on campus job. You work hard and strive to get the best grades possible-however there is another side to you. On the weekends you can be found at a local fraternity party, taking shots at the bar or dancing your night away on the dance floor.

Unlike most college students your age, you have managed to find the perfect balance between your studies and your social life. You know you have to wake up early during the week and spend long hours at the library in order to go out to your sorority’s mixer Thursday night. You know that you have to maintain a job, so you will have to miss the pre-game, but can still make it to the bar on Friday nights. Whatever it takes though, you’ll do it.

You hate the stigma that “party girls” are dumb and don’t care about their schoolwork. You have aspirations and goals for the future that you set for yourself. Just because you love to go out and have a good time, doesn’t mean partying is your only priority.

On top of obtaining good grades and working hard at your job, you manage to hold leadership positions in your extracurricular activities. You do all this because you care about your career path and hope to succeed in life.

With all the pressure you put on yourself, you deserve to go out with your friends and let lose. You’re only young once, and this is the time to be free. Continue to work hard, get a kick ass GPA, your dream internship and manage your social life.

Because hey, a little party never killed nobody.

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