10 Tips To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Strong

1. FaceTime or Skype – Being able to see and interact with your significant other can make you forget, for a little while, that you are apart. Once you get talking and caught up in the conversation it will almost be like you’re sitting in the same room together. Video chatting is a great way to feel closer while there are miles between you.



2. Keep each other updated – In college it is very easy to get caught up in all that is happening on campus. You’re now busy with classes and work, along with club activities and managing your social life. It can be very easy to forget about the life you had before you left for school. A way to avoid this is keeping your partner involved in what you’re doing. Talk to them about your classes or fun plans that you have for the weekend. This way you will still feel involved in each others lives, while doing your own thing.



3. Pictures – A great way to keep a relationship fresh is with pictures. When you’re at a store and see a funky hat, snap a picture and send it to them. If you’re about to go out to a party, send them a picture of your hot outfit. Pictures are the perfect way to stay in each others thoughts and remember what you have.



4. Plan a date – A fun way to stay positive while being apart is to have something to look forward to, like an end goal. Plan a cute date with your boyfriend/girlfriend for the next time you’ll see each other. Talking about the plans and being together can help fight that twinge of loneliness. When being apart gets tough, you will now know that you have a date coming up to look forward to.



5. Have something to remind you of the other person – A perfect accessory for any dorm room is something that reminds you of your relationship. Whether it’s a picture of your girlfriend on your desk or your boyfriend’s sweatshirt, having something with you is like bringing a little piece of home to school with you.



6. Virtually do stuff together – Before leaving for school you probably went on dates, did homework together, or watched shows on Netflix. Just because you’re now apart, doesn’t mean you still can’t do that. With technology now it is very easy to stay a part of each other’s lives. When you’re both eating lunch, you can talk on the phone. Set up a homework date by turning on Skype and working together and talking during breaks. Pick a fun series on Netflix and discuss episodes after you have both watched them. You’re still able to do things together, but with a new twist.



7. Have a countdown – Nothing is worse than feeling alone and thinking you’re not going to see the person you care about anymore. Avoid this by downloading an app or marking your calendar. As the weeks go by and that number starts to shrink, the excitement will build and it is a good reminder everyday that you’re closer to seeing and being with your significant other.



8. Talk on the phone – In an era that is mostly all about texting, people forget how to talk on the phone. Even though you’re still communicating through texts, it’s not the same as hearing their voice. Texting can’t provide what an actual phone call can. It’s also easy to misunderstand a text since you can’t judge someone’s tone and you can accidentally take something the wrong way. The easiest form of communication will always be actual talking and it is much more personal than texting.



9. Care packages – Sending each other packages or even a nice card is a good way to let the other know you’re thinking about them. It is very easy to brighten someone’s day when they go to the mailroom and see they have something from someone they love. A simple gesture like this can really change someone’s mood. When you send your significant other a package they are reminded about how much you care about them.



10. Stay supportive – This may be the most important thing while being in a long distance relationship. Before you moved apart, it was always easy to turn to your partner when you needed something. Support has to stay in the relationship even though you’re now apart. If you know the other has an important test or sporting game, shoot them a quick text wishing them luck. If they are struggling with something in their life, you have to show that you’re still there for them to talk to. It is very important that it’s understood that you’re still their biggest supporter and still care about everything in each other’s life.

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