Beauty In The Beerholder: 10 Traits Of A Beer Babe

Beer, the first love of these girl’s lives and the support system that never disappoints. Everyone has a different guilty pleasure. Some enjoy a pint of ice cream, while these girls turn to their favorite brew. They should be viewed as top value because they are fun-loving and know how to kick back at a tailgate, instead of needing a stuffy club and cocktails. So if you’re eyeing that babe with a beer can pressed up to her lips, these are a few things to know about her.

10. She Doesn’t Care About Calories- Put the light beer away, she won’t care how many calories are in an IPA. In fact, she’ ll take two and a pizza on the side. Extra grease.


9. Simple Things Make Her happy- A six pack and some Chinese takeout can turn any bad day around.


8. There Are No F’s For Society’s Approval- No waiter, I do not want the martini menu. What do you have on tap tonight?


7. Loving Beer Does Not Mean Sports Junkie- Yes beer is served at a lot of sporting events. Just because a girl knows her way around a growler, does not mean she wants to watch 20 innings of baseball.


6. She Will Burp And Not Feel Sorry- Just because we have boobs, burps are still able to get us. Hops affect everyone and real men can accept bodily functions.




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