10 Types Of People You See At The Bar (2)

5. The older guys playing pool… They’ve come to play pool at that bar every Saturday night since they were in college. Even if they have to fight a little bit for room to play, you can bet a fishbowl that they’ll be back next weekend and the weekend after that and the weekend after that. 

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4. The girl crying in the bathroom… There’s always one. You can’t help but feel bad for the poor girl because we’ve all been there. The best thing a friend can do is just let her get it out and then convince her that a girls night out is just what she needs. 

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3. The DD… You can pick the designated driver out of the crowd at any bar. They’re the ones holding everyone else together, making sure no one leaves a phone or a purse behind. It’s not always the most fun to be the DD but having one sure is!

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2. Your favorite bartender… It’s your old basketball coach or someone you went to high school with but it’s always great seeing them behind the bar. Plus it means not waiting long for drinks because they already know what you want and they know you want two of them.  


1. The girls trying to get a picture… One picture, fine. Two pictures, okay. Three pictures, are you done yet? Four pictures, this is not the Victoria Secret fashion show ladies. Snapchatting is one thing but if you have to clear a huge space in the bar to take a well-posed picture with your friends for more than about 10 seconds, you’re bound to make a couple people want to throw you out of the bar. 

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