10 Ways To Piss Off Your Future Girlfriend

Written By: James Michael Sama

For some guys, being chivalrous and romantic is just too much work. They would rather be apathetic towards their girlfriend and just not really put any effort into the relationship.

To make those guys’ lives easier, here are 10 easy ways to piss off your girlfriend.


1. Make sure you forget details about conversations you had.

This will make her realize that you really don’t listen or pay attention when she talks. For extra points, bring up conversations you had with other women, thinking it was with her instead.

Bonus: Simply put, since you talk to other women, women must obviously like you. So, you must be charming and trustworthy.

2. When she tells you about her feelings over text, always reply with “k.”

All the time.

Bonus: She will love that you listen to her feelings and don’t feel the need to chime in with all of your own.

3. Make plans to go out with your friends, a lot. And, don’t invite her.

When you get home (if you go home), “forget” to text her goodnight. Do this repeatedly.

Bonus: She will respect you for having a life of your own and not being clingy to her.


4. Text other people, often, while you should be paying attention to her.

If she asks “Who’s that?” or “What’s so funny?” Reply with: “Don’t worry about it.”

Bonus: She’ll love this because it makes you seem mysterious.

5. Speaking of texting, take a long time to respond to her.

This is even better if she knows you always respond immediately to other people. If you’re using WhatsApp or another method that lets her know when you read the text, take even longer.

Bonus: She’ll love it because you’re playing hard to get.

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6. Tell her how hot her friend/sister/cousin/mother is.

Bonus: She will appreciate your honesty.

7: Write passive-aggressive Facebook statuses using terms like “her” and “she” – make it obvious that it’s about her.

Bonus: She will love that you talk about her to your friends and like to brag about her.

8. Don’t introduce her to your family.

Bonus: She will appreciate and respect your want for privacy in your relationship.


9. Interrupt her when she’s talking about her feelings. Bring up something completely unrelated. Make sure it’s about you.

Bonus: She will recognize that just as you put a lot of effort into listening to her, she should listen to you also.

10: Apologize for your bad behavior. Continue to do the same things anyway.

Bonus: She’ll appreciate that you’re a ‘real man’ and don’t change yourself for anyone.


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