10 Ways You Know You’re A George Mason Patriot

1.     You have so much green and gold attire. Non-Patriots think you’re just clashing, but we all know the truth.

2.     Thursday is your favorite day because of the free cupcakes in the JC

3.     Your meal swipes are more precious to you than your family heirlooms.

4.     You smuggle about 10 pounds of fruit out of Southside per week. (See #3 re: meal swipes.)

5.     You love supporting Mason Athletics, but mostly because of the free food at each Game of the Week.

6.     You know the Fight Song by heart.

7.     You keep promising yourself you will learn the Fight Song by heart.

8.     You constantly have to remind people you don’t go to George Washington or Georgetown.

9.     You now find the sounds of construction work soothing. Especially before 10 AM.

10. You have about 20 pictures of yourself next to the statue. And George looks better than you in every single one. Damn him…

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