10 Worst Times To Have A Hangover In College

Passed out

Just being in college is enough of an excuse to drink. It’s stressful, there are long days, and sometimes we just need a mental break! So whether you’re celebrating that an exam is over or celebrating a wednesday, there is no greater feeling then pouring a cheap, crappy beer to comfort you in your smelly dorm room.

The biggest part of college may be balancing our urge to constantly get white girl wasted and being a real student to get sh*t done. The balance may be tough though when you walk into a frat party and all the drinks are free. Between drinking fruit flavored vodka and writing killer term papers, the real secret is maneuvering a hangover. Even though you prayed those six shots wouldn’t affect you the next day, you’ll still wake up blurry-eyed with a pounding head. So the real solution is not to always fight the urge to drink, but just take it easy to avoid a hangover during these awful situations.

10. When you have to go to work study before noon.



9. The day of a major sporting event. Just think of all that screaming with your pounding headache.


8. The moment you see the professor whose class you just skipped.





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