100 Lessons You Learn Your Freshman Year (2)

26. “Nobody in college cares what you do so you can wear whatever you want and be yourself and still have friends”


28. “Professors don’t care who you are but if you take the time to introduce yourself and go to office hours it’ll make your life so much better and put you on their good side”

29. “you only have four years here so you should be going out on a Wednesday night”

30. “Professors are willing to grade you easier or help you more if you go to office hours. Seriously, it helps.”

31. “my TA was hot but idk might’ve been weird to ask for his number” <– I’m not sure that this actually counts as learning something

32. “Go to office hours. Professors don’t bite”

33. “Class isn’t like.. optional”

34. “If you want to crack a beer on a Tuesday you can cause nobody’s telling you no”

35. “get a job because your wallet all of a sudden rips and you lose ALL of your graduation money”

36. “If a party sucked one night just breathe because there will be like 4 other parties to go to tomorrow”

37. “Talk to people about buying books because the $350 I spent on four books for anatomy wasn’t worth it and I didn’t even use them”

38. “make friends in your classes so you can study together or get notes from each other if one of you can’t quite make it to that 9 a.m. on a Friday”

39.  “beer is always the answer”

40. “If you go to school with people you are already friends with, try to branch out first semester. They will always be your friends but it’s harder to make new friends later on”

41. “Keep the tap on a drip during slap the bag, you are not the slap the bag champion- they get stuck on 7 anyway and you do not need all those calories”

42. “Careful with the grain- no matter how much you pay for school or how much our outfit costs, we will never afford quality alcohol”

43. “Be able to hold your own weight in a keg stand- the guys holding you have more beer in them than the keg does”

44. “Let’s name articles of clothing that begin with frat: frackets and frat shoes. These are not options. If you love your shoes or your jackets leave them at home. You will never see them again if you bring them- even if you hide it in the stove- you are not as original as you think”

45. “No one is truly ‘letter blind’. You will eventually figure out which houses are ‘cool’ and which houses have undesirable stigmas; for example, some that rhyme with ‘ape’. It is okay to be aware of these stereotypes but choose to agree or disagree with them by your own judgement, not everyone else’s.

46. “For the love of goodness, do not decide an entire body of people is one way because of the letters embroidered into their shirt. Statistically, at least one of those people is super sweet, funny, kind, caring etc. so give everyone a chance. It is just as prejudice to hate someone for their fraternity/sorority or lack there of, as it is to judge someone for their race, ethnicity, or gender.”

47. “Be nice. People will surprise you.”

48. “Don’t take anything too seriously, especially boys”

49. “your night will always go smoother if you wear sneakers to a party, especially if you end up having to walk home the next morning”

50. “be nice to everyone, it’s not worth making enemies.”next

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