100 Lessons You Learn Your Freshman Year

Written By: Madison Gouveia

1. I miss home way more than I thought

2. “There aren’t as many cute guys as I thought/wanted”

3. “Alcohol is addicting and school is HARD”

4. “It absolutely sucks being under 21”

5. “I used to think I hated my mom but I realized how much I love her”

6. “Dining hall food gets old real fast and popcorn is my best friend”


8. “Living with someone is hard and sucks and you have to adjust but it can also be the greatest thing ever”

9. “Netflix is life”

10. “my mom’s homemade dinners are actually good and I miss them and like her more now”

11. “living with someone is seriously the best and worst thing”

12. “blacking out is never a good idea because you don’t know anyone or remember anything and that’s scary”

13. “Missing a night out to study is ok because you do better on a test and no one actually knows you at the party (besides the six people you went with) so no one actually cares if you’re there or not”

14. “that boy you thought was cute when you were drunk isn’t actually cute.. at all.. and he was a bad kisser”

15. “girls aren’t as mean as high school girls”

16. “girls will always be bitches”

17. “if you drink the concoction he just stirred up for you you’ll probably feel a little funny”

18. “most importantly, I miss my dog”

19. “I find myself on Facebook and iphoto looking at high school pictures missing it terribly even though I hated it when I was there. But I’ve learned to appreciate the moment I’m in”

20. “the library is always a good idea and don’t convince yourself the lounge will be better to write that paper because you’ll end up online shopping and having a sing along to the frozen soundtrack”

21. “‘just one more shot’ probably wasn’t your best idea”

22. “cherish the silence of home because there are no fire drills there”

23. “showers are gross and when you go home for the weekend you’ll actually feel weird not wearing shoes but it’s great”

24. “walking through campus in basketball shorts and Tory Burch flats in the morning usually isn’t something to be proud of”

25. “Always do the extra credit (because it’s fucking rare and you’re probably failing anyway)”next

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