11 People Who Changed During Your Freshman Year

11 People Who Changed During Your Freshman Year

The druggie-

This kid had rarely smoked weed before college, now all he does is smoke and dab. This kid is now where you get your weed, or anything else because he now has a connection to any kind of drug you will ever need. He doesn’t seem the same as when you first met him.

The gym rat-

This kid came into college looking like a twig, now he spends 80% of his time in the gym. He seems to only work arms for some reason but still manages to out bench and squat you. His goal was to not gain the freshman 15 and he gained a staggering 30 in muscle.

Anorexic girl-

This girl had the same reasons as the gym rat, she didn’t want the freshman 15. Now she just doesn’t eat. Everyone tries to figure out why she is so thin, but she thinks she is still fat.

Frat star-

This kid was very timid and didn’t talk to many people. Now he is always partying and always seems to have a girl around his shoulder, a new one every night too. Apparently this kids pledging made him into the star he is now. This kid is a lot of fun

Freshman 15-

This kid gained way to much weight over the year. He probably was an athlete in high school and now eats the same amount as he did while he practiced every day. Now he struggles to keep swipe at the end of the semester and is mooching of other people so he can eat.

Dramatic high school relationship-

We all have this, the guy who went off to college but kept his high school girlfriend. Or the girl who did it. They always seem to call each other and are always yelling and breaking up. Then getting back together the next day. Eventually they end it, or on break they somehow make-up and the process continues, until eventually they stop dating, because we all know that long distance relationships don’t last in college

Creepy roommate-

The guy seemed cool at the beginning of the year. Now he creeps the fuck out of you, he just does weird shit all the time. You never really get used to them and kinda just let them be and hope they aren’t planning to murder you in the near future


This kid came into college just trying to party, drink, and get laid a lot. Now he is always drinking, has his fake ID and has a bigger budget for drinking than he does for food.

Overly involved kid-

This kid was in student government in high school. Now they are in 8 clubs, SGA and in a frat. This kid wants to be the president of all the clubs and somehow manages to keep up his GPA up while being in all these organizations when I can’t keep a GPA.


These kids were fairly nice at the beginning, but now they just stay in their rooms and only leave for class and food. You might not see this person since they don’t leave their room

The ladies’ man-

This kid is a lot like the alcoholic, they just wanted to go out and have fun. He does and always gets with a hot chick at the end of the night. Kinda makes you wonder how he still has money left after all the condoms he has to go through

The slut-

Similar to the ladies’ man, but a girl. I know it’s not cool to be sexist like this, but I don’t really care. This girl likes to have fun and likes to have sex. And she does, with a lot of guys. She started out just a nice girl who seemed fun. Now everyone sees her as a slut.

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